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An Inspector Calls is a play that is associated with the Soviet Union

An Inspector Calls is a play that is associated with the Soviet Union that underlines lots of political economic and social messages J B Priestley believed in socialism prompting social issues he did this by persuading individuals to his state of mind in most of his plays The Inspectors name is Goole which sounds like ghoul meaning someone who has a morbid interest in death or a spirit His appearance in the play is a result of the girl s death Goole is also a seaport town and perhaps suggests that he is going to fish for information Both explanations could be a reason Priestly chose the name Inspector Goole to give the reader a hint on the character itself At the start of the inspector s speech he is shown as dominating and commanding by his tone and words used at once an impression of massiveness solidity and purposefulness J B Priestley uses many dramatic techniques to create a sense of tension One way is by how the inspector continues his speeches picking out every detail and interrogating the family Throughout the interrogation the inspector remains confident and standing tall while the Birling family starts to fall to the ground while the truth starts to appear and feels guilty The suspense and interest come from the Inspectors pauses in his speeches timings of his exits and entrances Despite many interruptions by the Birling family the inspector manages to remain on his objective this is shown by his solidity 

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