EDUCATIONAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY ON SEXUAL EDUCATION Sexual education is a very important subject of discussion through all the stages of life Straight from childhood to adulthood sexual education is a topic that elicits some curiosity It is important that parents mentor their children properly from that tender age and help them form good ideologies on sexual matters This I believe is going to stick with them for as long as possible and even when they grow into adults who are capable of forming their own opinions inevitably they will be influenced by their parents counsel Other stakeholders in this issue are teachers These are the people who actually shape the children s future They are in custody of the kids for a longer time than parents With a proper educational system that incorporates sexual education a lot of trouble would be avoided For example teenage pregnancies Teachers need to continue talking to students in every one level of education about matters sexual education Peers and friends are also a great source of information Growing up my parents made sure ia associated with the right crowd lest I begin to pick on habits that they did not approve of My parents were very strict about the friends I kept It was a requirement that I brought all my friends home for them to be familiarized with each other I was told to drop some on a number of occasions 

Obviously I did not understand why since they all seemed cool to me But guess who s wiser The friends you keep determine how you will end up most times than not Sexual education is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality including emotional relations and responsibilities human sexual anatomy sexual activity sexual reproduction age of consent reproductive health reproductive rights safe sex birth control and sexual abstinence Therefore it is obvious that sexual education runs deeper than simply knowing all about sex It also factors in the emotional component It also encompasses advice on bearing the responsibility of your actions I first received sexual education from my parents My parents made it their business to mind my business It was not graphic at all Nothing traumatizing to a child In fact it was as simple as Respect the females in your life She based sexual education on respect Time and again throughout my growth she repeated that Only when I was grown up did I see that common phrase in a whole different light Say you are in high school if indeed your girlfriend you will not get her pregnant and you will use protection I have therefore made a habit of echoing that idea to all my friends 

As I grew up and advanced in my level of education the teachers in my life were not left behind on matters sexual education As early as elementary school my teachers started mentioning sex They told us in the lightest of terms where sex could get you at that tender age This continued throughout up to now that I am in university Obviously here it is more intense with talks on STIs and the works In this day and age the internet is a major source of information It is a one stop shop to cure all curiosity This is a good and bad thing all at once An oxymoron if you will With all that information at the exposure of kids through all ages who is to say the wrong information will not land in the hands of the wrong child Parents need to step in and advise their children just the former times If anything the internet lacks the factor of moral etiquette and filters My parents and teachers were able to distinguish what information to share depending on my age The internet will bombard children will all the information at once This is what heightens the curiosity and ends up in teenage pregnancies This table shows what information was shared by who and at what level of education Parents Teachers Friends or Peers Learned on your own Identify the source and content Elementary School I was simply asked to respect the females in my life We started studying about the reproductive system This made us see each other differently but that was all With the discovery of female genitalia theoretically of course some friends would do more research on the internet 

They would come and share the information Books female anatomy Middle or Jr High School Advice on abstinence as the better option Teachers would advise us on healthy boy girl relationships and what that entailed With the discovery of pornographic films my peers had a lot of information to share Further studying revealed more on the female body I was rather curious High School Talks on teenage pregnancies and the downside Numerous talks on STIs teenage pregnancies and safe sex Teachers did not turn a blind eye to the fact that some people were already having sex Some of my friends were already having sex therefore they would gladly narrate how it goes Internet taught me quite a number of things regarding sex College or University Talks on responsible sex Lessons on safe and responsible sex use of condoms Learning through other people s experiences Some of my peers have children From experience I have learnt more Attending lectures on these topics is also enlightening My parents were my biggest sexual educators They made sure I heard it from them first This sort of interaction has shaped me reall

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