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Eileen Gray 9 August 1878 31 October 1976 was an Architect and furniture designer born near Enniscorthy Ireland Her parents were James McLaren Smith and Eveleen Pounden who in fact was the granddaughter of Francis Stuart 10th Earl of Moray however when her mother separated from her father she changed her and her sibling s surnames to Gray Her father was mostly the person who encouraged her artist behaviors and endeavors as he was a painter She spent most of her childhood basking in the privilege of wealth as she would mostly be spending equal amounts of time between family homes in Ireland and South Kensington London She was able to pursue her studies and so after she grew up she attended the Slade School of Fine Arts in London where she studied the art of painting She met lifelong friends there and after a while moved to paris with her most closest friends Jesse Gavin and Kathleen Bruce It was due to her father dying in 1900 Once there she continued her studies in Paris Académie Julian and Colarossi private art schools for both painting and sculpture Before that however she attended a fair that celebrated the world s achievements in the past century 

The Exposition Universelle it was called and there she saw that the main style that was featured was Art Nouveau which was a style of art and architecture that was known internationally and had a severe popularity among many during the late 1800's and early 1900 s The art form was inspired by the notion of natural forms and taking things from nature and applying them into other things such as he curved lines in plants and the vibrant colors found in the pigments of flowers She spent the rest of her life travelling from Paris to Ireland to London constantly years after the move however she finally settled in London in 1905 due to her mother's illness where she would care after her until her passing She tried to enter back into the Slade School for Fine Arts but once there she found that er passion for art had died and she no longer had any satisfaction in the corses she took Here after she got an interest into working lacquer and went under the apprenticeship of Mr D Charles after coming across a lacquer shop when passing by Soho Charles showed her fundamentals and more intricate techniques in the trade but after a while she moved back to paris in 1906 where she found an apartment where she'd stay at for most of her working career and life D Charles was one of those mans with many connections within the industry he worked in and he handed her many of them and when she moved out to paris she was able to run into one of them Seizo Sugawara a Japanese lacquer worker who had emigrated to paris to repair some of the lacquer work exhibited at the Exposition Universelle With him she worked day and night to hone her skills so much so that after years of working with the chemical she developed a lacquer disease in her hands

She still pressed on until finally her work was displayed in the very exhibit she had been inspired by years ago where it was an instant success Around this time however Paris was right a the front lines of the attack when the first World War had sprung up She escaped back to London taking Sugawara with her At the end of the war they made their way back to a recovering Paris and there she was given a job of decorating an apartment in rue de Lota for the milliner Madame Mathieu Lévy who was a boutique She did most of the designing of the interior decorations like the furniture lamps and other things and in keeping her traditions as a lacquer worker she even installed lacquered walls into the building The designing the building many were hoping for it to be new innovative and original Her intent for the entire thing was that it was not too cluttered to the eye and easy to look at without being lost It was here that she was given praise by her works seen in reviews from several art critics With the success of the apartment she ultimately used this boost in popularity to open up a small shop in in paris named Jean Desert where she displayed and sold not only her own work but also the work of her old artistic friends and other artist like One of her most famous and innovative piece of furniture that was birthed from the apartment redesign was the Bibendum Chair one of the most iconic and recognizable piece of furniture in the 20th century It was here that she had an influence on the modernist movement in architecture and design that was gripping the nation at the time E 1027 is a modernist villa in Roquebrune Cap Martin in the Alpes Maritimes department of France It was designed and built from 1926 29 by the Irish architect and furniture designer Eileen Gray

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