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Feed required for the species in the tank Catfish

Feed required for the species in the tank Catfish catfish are omnivores which means they eat both meat and vegtables Catfishs need a well balanced diet such as small fish algae and scavenged debris We can also feed them bloodworms and brine mysis shrimp this food can be alive or frozen There is a more simple option such as flake foods and sinking pellets Platy Platies are also omnivores that eat small insects crustaceans plants and algae Platties will also eat live food such as black blood worms brine shrimp fruit flies and daphnia Platies can also eat flake foods Molly Mollies are omnivores but only require a small amount of vegtables such as cucmbers and zucchini in their diet You can supplement mollies by feedng them frozen foods such a brine shrimp daphnia and black blood worms even though mollies prefer their foods alive Mollies should aldo be fed high quality flake foods Guppy Guppies are omnivores they eat a wide range of froxzen foods such as daphnia bloodworms and brine shrimp You can feed guppies dry food as well as frozen such as fish flakes Vegtables are also key to a guppies diet and health Tank maintenance and Cleaning of the tank Cleaning of the tank Water changes

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