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Electromagnetism and Ferrous Material Any metal that contains iron is known to be ferrous These common metals create domains for a magnetic field to attract and act on and are the only objects that are attracted to magnetic fields Domains cluster around iron molecules in tiny magnetic fields each with its own polar line that can face in different directions from the other molecules Because these domains are not arranged in any kind of organized way iron is not magnetic on its own but can be acted on by other magnets Domains in ferrous metals can be temporarily activated by a flowing electric current https sciencing com do only work ferrous materials 6497113 html Electromagnetism Electromagnetism is magnetism that is developed by an electric current Until the 1800s electricity and magnetism were not recognized together but as separate forces Electric and magnetic forces do not behave alike electric forces come from electric charges at rest or in motion whereas magnetic forces come from only moving charges and act only on charges in motion https www britannica com science electromagnetism

The study of electromagnetic fields sometimes called electromagnetic induction observes when an object becomes charged electrically In a certain range of frequency some electromagnetic fields are radio waves infrared waves ultraviolet waves and x rays Electromagnetism can only be observed when there is an electrical current running Importance of Electromagnetism Electromagnetism has been a strong and influential force in modern society Electromagnetism is used in many current items including and not limited to hard disk drives motors generators speakers and MRI machines https study com academy lesson what is an electromagnet definition uses parts html Electromagnetism is a major utility in most jobs and is heavily depended on Without electromagnetism it would become increasingly difficult for scrap yards to lift heavy pieces of metal Maglev trains that use magnetic repelling to levitate wouldn't be able to work and alternate travel would become severely slower induction cooking wouldn't exist all of which people depend on for their own convenience and their safety Research on Electromagnetism Recently IBM has released information about a new discovery in electromagnetism The IBM team has deemed this new effect the camelback effect A field that researchers called a confinement effect the camelback effect describes a system of two lines of transverse pairs of equal and oppositely charged poles separated by distance 

A dipole s length must exceed a certain size before the field gets slightly stronger near the edges and produces a field confinement profile that looks like a camel's back This discovery showcases a new class of magnetic trap that can be used with cylindrical magnets whose poles affect a graphite rod as a trapped object https phys org news 2017 10 effect electromagnetism years html Results of Experiments with Electromagnetism Thanks to the research done on electromagnetism there is a very possible near future with antennas on computer chips These chips could provide an extraordinary piece to connecting electromagnetism and quantum physics These are the last frontier of semiconductor design A research team from Cambridge University made this groundbreaking discovery Antennas or aerials are one of the limiting factors when trying to make smaller and smaller systems since below a certain size the losses become too great said Professor Gehan Amaratunga of Cambridge s Department of Engineering This will change the limits of modern technology and lead to unbelievable advancements of today's world Benefits of Electromagnetism Electromagnetism can take the credit for many things we take for granted because electromagnetism gives the flexibility for switching off on electricity as required

Whatever powered devices we use from wall clocks to microwaves have some form of electromagnetic principle involved in their functioning Plenty of appliances in the home use electromagnetism as a basic principle An electric fan works using the the principle of electromagnetic induction which keeps the blades rotating making the blade hub of the fan rotate blowing air Electromagnetism has had outstanding affects toward the modern day world and very few if any negative ones The research of this topic has had many health benefits to both humans and animals the main one being that it led to the creation of the MRI machine which uses electromagnetism to do essentially a non radiation X ray It s also lead to faster travel and Conclusion Researching this topic has let me learn a lot about Electromagnetism For example I learned that electromagnetism has been used in hard drives Researching this project had been extremely interesting and I would choose the same project again if I could choose a second This had been a challenging project because electromagnetism is an advanced topic that has not yet been fully understood I hope to continue read into this after the project is over

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