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There is about 5 405 million people living in scotland right now about 90 000 of them have dementia 127 000 have Parkinsons and 228 000 have diabetes the list sadly goes on this is something that researching on embryonic stem cell research can help prevent embryonic stem cell research in the Uk is legal however there are some specific laws and they are only allowed to be used for increasing our knowledge into things such as Infertility miscarriages and serious diseases Embryonic stem cell research does not only help with medical breakthroughs though it also helps prevent animal testing as the drugs medicines and products that we previously had to test on animals will now be able to be tested on the embryo despite all of the positive aspects Embryonic stem cell research is still illegal in countries such as Germany Italy Portugal and Austria this to me seems idiotic as the positives outweigh the negatives here is why they should make embryonic stem cell research legal as soon as possible An embryo is a fertilised egg that is researched on as unlike adult stem cells embryonic stem cells can morph into any specialised cell in the body people who are against embryonic stem cell research say that embryonic stem cell research is killing a human because an embryo has a potential to become a person but this is not the case as the embryos that are used are only 5 6 days old meaning they are basically just a clump of cells not only this but there are many embryos that are leftover in Invitro clinics and not using them to help cure diseases is basically a crime as the leftover embryos will die anyway 

Janet Rowley in an article for US News says at present there is about 400 000 human embryos in the freezers of in vitro fertilization clinics many are destined to be thawed and thus die so since the Embryos will have to die anyway why not give their life some purpose and let them save millions of already existing lives of people who are suffering everyday Embryonic stem cell research can find cures to the most serious diseases such as cancer Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease and many more the people who are against the experiments are just being insensitive towards the people who are suffering from malicious diseases that are eating away at their body slowly from the inside causing them indescribable physical and mental damage does sacrificing a clump of cells seem so bad now Theresa Philips in an article for the Balance says stem cells provide a huge potential for finding treatments and cures to a vast array of diseases including different cancers diabetes spinal cord injuries alzheimers Ms huntington's parkinson's and more 

Embryonic stem cell research is the answer to all of our medical problems it is what will enable people to live a long happy and fulfilling life With embryonic stem cell research animal testing can be a thing of the past we can all agree that Animal testing is horrible the whole industry should be abolished but how do experiments on an embryo have any link to animal testing let me explain embryonic stem cell research enables scientists to test drugs medicines and products on a clumps of cells No harm no suffering and no misery no more animals living in isolation wondering what pain they have to endure next for the benefits of humans Jason Chaddock for the healthGuidance says In the future The stem cell research can allow the scientists to test a number of potential medicines without carrying out any tests on animals and humans The drugs can be tested on a population of cells directly So embryonic stem cell research would not only benefit humans but also animals to be honest I see no downsides lot of the people who oppose embryonic stem cell research say that scientists should look for alternatives for Embryonic stem cell research that doesn't involve sacrificing a life but if you think about it do they have time to look for alternatives when they have something that is capable of so much good it would be unreasonable for them to not take the advantage of this and try and save so many problems that exist in the world  

 I'm not saying that they won't be able to find a better alternative somewhere in the future but for now this is all they have and the more scientists working in this field the more likely that they will be able to find that alternative or have a massive medical breakthrough that will save many people this is why it is so important for countries such as Germany Austria Italy and Portugal to make it legal and hop on board on this journey to save the lives of people In conclusion Embryonic stem cell research is beneficial in ways that no one would expect it to be and the Uk made a wise choice of making it legal in 2001 and the countries that are still yet to make it legal should consider all the benefits such as curing incurable diseases and allowing animal testing to be a thing of the past and the cons such as researching on embryos is killing a potential life isn't actually accurate This is why countries that have not yet made it legal should do it as soon as possible and consider that benefiting the greater good is what they should be focusing on

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