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Emmeline Pankhurst was born July 15 1858 and she was 69 when she died June 14 1928 as a child her parents included her as well as their other children in different social activism She was married at the age of 20 to Richard Pankhurst a barrister who had supported women's suffrage as well as freedom of speech and education reform in December of 1879 Little less than a year after the couples wedding their first born Christabel was born September 22 1880 their second child Estelle Sylvia was born in 1882 and their son Francis Henry was born in 1884 Their last two children were born in 1885 and 1889 named Adela and after his deceased brother was named Henry Francis The Pankhurst were valiant fighters for female rights Emmeline Pankhurst was a political british activist as well as leader of the suffragette movement that won women the right to be able to vote Emmeline had a greater concern for human rights and believes that women voters would help resolve social injustices like poverty It was in 1903 that Emmeline founded the WSPU Women's Social and Political Union member of the union assaulted police officers and smashed windows leading to them being known for physical confrontations a few of the union members including Pankhurst herself as well as her daughter were given repeated prison sentences where they were able to stage a strike for better conditions Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst formed 

The Women's Party in 1917 the group supported equal pay for equal work equal marriage and divorce laws the same rights over children for both parents equality of rights and opportunities in public service and a system of maternity benefits Emmeline Pankhurst from Women in European history is a critical biography written by Ah Rume Park states that Emmeline Pankhurst was a suffragist women from Great Britain a prominent woman who led the suffrage movement she also has her own autobiography that talks about her tactics used to lead the suffrage movement Pankhurst challenged women's social inequality and opened a new era of the women's movement by using militant tactics to claim political rights for women In 1999 an article titled The Agitator EMMELINE PANKHURST by Marina Warner she wrote about Emmeline stating that she shaped an idea of women for our time she shook society into a new pattern from which there could be no going back The ABC News website an article called Emmeline Pankhurst wasn't perfect but she was heroic bye Jane Caro the article describes Emmeline as a hero she wrote I do not doubt for a moment that Emmeline was an imperialist to her boot straps and a Tory Ah Park describes Emmeline as a prominent woman who pointed out that women and men share equal importance 

However she describes Emmelines tactics as aggressive and more radical than her predecessors that release her determination as well as her motivation She opened women into a new era and progressed women's movement worldwide Jane Caro describes Emmeline as a product of her class and time period she describes Emmeline as a very determined woman as well as that she also agrees with the fact that her motives were a bit aggressive and terrible to our society but yet she defines her as heroic and states that All heroes have feet of clay but that doesn't make their achievements any less heroic Emmeline helped women take the roles of men when they left vacant and that led to help change the mind of prejudice In conclusion she argues that history can be harsh and that our society today may be judged harshly as Emmeline is today Her daughter Sylvia and Christabel both wrote books based on their mother Christabel s book described their mother as selfless to a fault while Sylvia s book criticized their mother All opinions of Emmeline seem to see her as valiant fighters for female rights and that is exactly what she is Emmeline formed the Women's Social and Political Union the unions did cause some disruption in the towns by breaking windows and assaulting cops however the unions did end up leading the women to winning the right to vote Emmeline won women the right to vote she took a step towards equality and if it wasn t for her our society may not be the way it is it is possible that without her motivation and her strong will that convinced others to fight for the equality as well Emmeline had set out to win women's right to vote she did everything she could and whatever was necessary and managed to succeed In the spring of 1930 Emmeline s memorial statue in the Victoria Tower Gardens was unveiled and declared I say with no fear of contradiction that whatever view posterity may take Mrs Pankhurst has won for herself a niche in the Temple of Fame which will last for all time

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