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Imagine a day when your country is being taken over by another country

Imagine a day when your country is being taken over by another country and there is blood everywhere bombs being dropped and family being separated forever Well this horrible nightmare came true On the evening of June 25 1950 the President of the United States Harry Truman received a call that would change the course of history and millions of lives will be changed forever The American Secretary of State Dean Acheson called to inform the President that North Korean forces had begun a well organized and many pronged invasion of South Korea This attack which many people claim was coming due to the rumor that South Korea and the United States were working together to reunite the Korean peninsula under democratic rule But North Korea wanted This well planned attack lay the foundations of a war that spanned just over three years and left at least 2 5 million soldiers and civilians dead and millions living in poverty and starvation Based on Wikipedia s report on the Korean War a total of 36 nations were involved in the Korean War North Korea was assisted by ten nations regarding military medical and other support South Korea received military support from the United States United Kingdom Canada Australia as well as twelve other United Nation countries 

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