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Great Britain has had many important statesmen

Introduction Throughout the eras Great Britain has had many important statesmen who have had an impact not only in their country but also internationally One of them is of course Winston Churchill A person who even though born in a privileged family chose to work for the people as a soldier as well as a politician Despite his unstable political career Churchill is perceived as one of the most important and influential statesmen of Great Britain A question though occurs Which of his decisions were the ones that honoured him with the aforementioned title What will be analysed are the highlights of Churchill's career which show his impact in Great Britain and internationally Before World War II Winston Churchill was a man that impacted his country and the world greatly but it was not always like that He began his political career rather early and thus his decisions did not always have the desirable result Churchill's ministry career started in 1906 as a Liberal As an under secretary of state for the colonies he gained credit for defending the conciliation and self government policy in S Africa Soon enough after the government reconstruction H H Asquith promoted Churchill to President of the Board of Trades with a seat in the cabinet During his presidency at the Board Churchill continued Lloyd George s work a bill that imposed the maximum of an eight hour day for miners he also organised boards that had the power to fix minimum wages and combated unemployment In 1911 Churchill was transferred to the Admiralty where his first task was to create a naval war staff 

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The term residential schools alludes to an educational System

The term residential schools alludes to an educational system built up from 1880s by the Canadian government The political policy was to expel kids from the impact of their families and their way of life and introduce them into the prevailing Canadian culture Since they were expelled from their families numerous children grew up without encountering the family life and without the learning and abilities to raise their own families They were in school 10 months per year away from their families All correspondence from the kids was composed in English which many parents couldn t read Siblings and sisters at a similar school once in a while observed each other as all exercises were isolated by sexual orientation The fundamental goal of this educational system was to kill all parts of Aboriginal culture in these youngsters and intrude on its transmission starting with one age then onto the next the private educational system is usually viewed as a type of social genocide During the system lifetime about 30 of indigenous children or about 150 000 were placed in residential schools nationwide In 1907 the Montreal Star daily paper detailed that 42 of kids who go to private schools bite the dust before the age of 16 calling the circumstance a national disgrace In the 90s the Government and the churches started to recognize their duty regarding an education scheme that was particularly intended to kill the Indian in the child 

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GLASGOW COMA SCALE It was published in the year of 1974

GLASGOW COMA SCALE It was published in the year of 1974 by Graham Teasdale and Bryan Jennett professor of neurosurgery at the university of Glasgow institute of neurological science at the city's southern general hospital METHODS USED FOR It was initially used to assess the level of consciousness after head injury traumatic accident It is most important assessment method in the department of emergency medicine It is used in the medicine department for the stroke patients to assess their level of consciousness its is most widely used nowadays It is also used for diagnosing and treating patient with physiotherapy exercises for the particular arms LIMITATIONS It can't asses the brain stem reflexes Application of the Glasgow Coma Scale to intubated patients The prognostic value of the components of the Glasgow Coma Scale following acute stroke The stroke is the life threatening medical condition that occurs when the brain couldn't receive the blood and it's the most common problem in the old age people and it also manifest as the medical emergency for diagnosing and treating the patient with stroke Glasgow coma scale plays an important role The patient are selected in the presence or absence of coma stage as stroke may cause localized motor speech or language deficits the accuracy of measuring conscious level can be missed so sometimes the prognostic value of it can be impaired Conversely in patients with a language disorder the verbal score may reflect stroke severity in addition to its measurement of consciousness level and for that reason it may retain useful prognostic information

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How a Person's Health and Wellbeing can be both Negatively and Positively Impacted

How can where you live influence your health and wellbeing In this assignment I will attempt to explain how a person's health and wellbeing can be both negatively and positively impacted on depending on where they live UK society is distinguished by health inequalities they are the unfair and avoidable differences in people's health across social groups and different population groups due to social biological and geographical factors which usually result in people who are worse of financially encountering poor health and shorter lifespans According to Labonte's Model of health and wellbeing p53 health and wellbeing in neighbourhood we are shown how health can be broken down into three main factors physical mental and social and each area overlaps to make complete health There are many examples how the neighbourhood you live in can affect your health and wellbeing To maintain good physical Social and mental health we need the following resources Good transportation route to local hospitals nearby parks and walking trails health shops more education and employment opportunities appropriate housing more spaces for people to recreate and relax in like cafes and public plazas local gyms outdoor activities and better sewage and drainage Alternately the things that have a negative effect on our physical social and mental wellbeing would be poverty people that are financially worse off tend to live in deprived areas which could affect physical health such as air pollution higher crime rates lack of green spaces insufficient access to health resources and less transportation making it difficult to attend the nearest hospitals
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