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English is a accepted language worldwide and is spoken by millions of people all over the globe English was first introduced in India by the east india company when they started their trade with india After some years they infected India with their language and the culture of india is changing day by day Indian population is adapting to the english culture When india got independence the people gradually started speaking english as part of their daily life The east India company turned India's fate and people were adopting that culture At present in India it is a necessity to know and speak english and is a very basic primary education and the people who don't know english are considered as non educated people in the indian society Does primary education means to know English In India it is a necessity to know and speak english and is a very basic primary education and the people who don t know english are considered as non educated people in the indian society I have come through some humorous and appalling examples such as when someone does not pronounce a word correctly in a speech or other form the audience will make fun of that person and taunt 

It is not necessary for every human being to know every words pronunciation India has a diverse culture and many different languages are spoken here in south India people know english very well but then also they speak their own language like tamil telugu kannada etc The Brief Time magazine India 6 Time magazine India The general public in the north west and the central India if they don't know english they are ashamed of themselves and this also lowers the influence of their mother tongue India's population is a multilingual one here people know 3 or more languages Hindi is a major language in India and all the legal establishments are written in Hindi This differs as the south indians do not know hindi and the national language is still not decided but hindi is an official language I travelled in some countries most fascinating country was Japan and then France Italy Russia etc France was quite interesting and influential what I observed there was that when I was talking to the locals in english they were not replying they stuck to their national language french which means that they are taking pride to speak their language and english does not affect them at all When people go to a Japanese website for instance mcdonald's 

Japan the literature is written in japanese not english which conveys a message that they love their language and will not substitute it with english similarly in china russia In india the websites should have language options This leads to the question why not official languages It is people who have considered english as their fascination and reputation A grooming women who comes at our house for some particular treatments was questioned by my sister that their children are going to a regional language medium school she told that she can afford a English medium school for her kids but she is not because she does not know English so how can she teach English to her kids this was her claim To provide a strong evidence a real life example of my mom and dad they don't know english and even if they want they cannot participate because their instinct tells them if they talk they are going to lower their self esteem hence they should not get involved if they get involved the opposite person's aesthetic status rises thinks he she is better These observations are experienced in our day to day to day lives and has a huge amount of effect 

Recently iran banned english in primary schools to block cultural invasion as Iranian culture is invaded by the british people and americans this shows us that they want their population mainly primary years children to speak Iran's national language western culture invades Iran s language and Iranians follow the western culture Pros Providing a counter argument English might be the prestige of india because india does not has its national language so english is substituted and it has become the social status of the person It is definitely difficulty that is why in india because of multiple languages It is bound up with nationality religion and the feelings of self It is used for work worship and used by everyone be it a beggar or banker or civilised person it continues to be a major language having a prestigious position in our society English will for a long time to come continue to be needed language in the fields of higher education a strong foundation in the language will have to be laid at the school stage The trade is happening in english English has a strong position in the Indian economy and this will continue in future The statistical data below is explained in detailed The data above shows the language distribution in India English tops the list and hindi is second the figures are set according to the population and this is a corroboration that how much importance English is given in India To conclude the reality is that the population needs to have the awareness for their mother tongue and should definitely give less importance to english than their mother tongue but this proves that India s prestige does lie in speaking english

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