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Research Paper Ernest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen are two very distinct types of leaders Although they shared many of the same goals the way they tried to achieve these goals were very different from one another even though both explorers were passionate about their goals and treated their team like family Shackleton's leadership style was to be unified with his men and then to empower them from that relationship He was charming and always got along well with his crew He also understood the hunger for adventure that the men were craving and Shackleton always kept the men focused and did his best to keep them on a routine to avoid frustration and boredom Amundsen s leadership style in contrast however was quite different His style was to inspire his men with clear definable objectives and goals He was always clear about the details of his objectives and always planned everything out ahead of time to avoid error His men focused on the planning and execution steps they needed to follow and this kept them on the path to their goals and to follow Amundsen

Although both explorers were standout leaders of exceptional quality I believe Shackleton was a more effective leader because his style empowered the men and unified them in a way that Amundsen s style could not Shackleton led by relating to his men He was an inspiring leader because he never gave up and his confidence never wavered Shackleton understood that the men he was recruiting for his team were not there just to reach the South Pole but also they were there for life changing experiences full of thrills and challenges When Shackleton's boat the Endurance was trapped by pack ice he made sure the men were kept busy to avoid boredom and frustration For example Shackleton would have the men hunting for food or conducting scientific research When the ship sank Shackleton s new goal was survival His plan was to leave with five of his men and then come back to Elephant Island and rescue the rest of the crew This team of six went through great challenges such as a hurricane and trudging through the mountains but with Shackleton's leadership they managed to make it back to Elephant Island and rescue the men Shackleton’s greatest quality of leadership is that his commitment never wavered He told his crew he would be back to rescue them and months later he finally did and saved all 28 members of his crew When the pack ice sunk the Endurance the men were forced to walk on the ice and the men had to get rid of anything that was not a necessity Shackleton took his bible and tore a few pages out and then left the bible in the snow Shackleton demonstrated leadership in this moment by showing that he will even leave God behind because it is not worth it to have unnecessary weight Shackleton could have had summit fever but he always kept a level head and kept his crew safe 

A famous quote that reflects Shackleton well is Difficulties are just things to overcome after all I know this quote reflects Shackleton well because he has faced more difficulties in two years then most people have faced in their whole life Shackelton has a lot in common with Pat Russo from Perkin s Case Study 1 because both Shackleton and Russo have passion for their job and are down to earth Shackelton kept moving forwards powerfully and forcefully overcoming all obstacles by unifying his men and being positive about their successes Amundsen s leadership style was very different Amundsen believed in establishing clear goals and focusing his men on achieving them He was a successful leader because his objectives were always clear and was talented at focusing on one goal without distractions Amundsen was clear about his expedition s objective which is important because a confused mission will confuse the team and will be less likely to succeed Amundsen made sure he had the right equipment clothing and anything else his team would need to be successful Amundsen has some similarities as Anna Mahr from Perkins Case Study 2 because both had the power to work through frustrating problems with ease

A famous quote from Amundsen which represents his leadership is when he said I may say that this is the greatest factor the way in which the expedition is equipped the way in which every difficulty is foreseen and precautions taken for meeting or avoiding it He believed in structure details and planning the elements needed to achieve each goal These objectives are what he used to lead his men Both Shackleton and Amundsen demonstrated great leadership qualities and made sure their crew came first Shackleton was charismatic treated his crew as equals and always took on work with his crew to help tasks get done quicker Aumdnsen was always clear about his goals and made sure that his men knew what steps they had to take to achieve their ultimate objective Although Amundsen made it to the North and South Pole I believe Shackleton is a better and more effective leader Amundsen may be the better explorer but Shackleton is the ultimate leader Shackleton put his crew first and managed to bring all 28 men home and inspire them through the process Shackleton s bravery never wavered and he was determined to get his crew home His style allowed him to lead and inspire his men in ways that Amundsen did not

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