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Communism was a big controversy during the industrial Revolution

Communism was a big controversy during the industrial revolution Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the Communist Manifesto which describes the working class history from their point of view It has been recognized as one of the worlds most influential pamphlets They wrote every society would reach communism According to Marx the driving force of history was the economic relationship between classes Karl Marx experienced the poor working conditions first hand causing him to feel so strongly about the subject Karl Marx said that the workers should overthrow the capitalist system and then replace it with a communist economic system sharing the wealth they produced He then met Friedrich Engels Engels worked in the family business but soon started publishing as well He started off writing about the terrible conditions of the working class Karl Marx published the Manifesto and was trying to prove that one class was always above another He also wrote about the Bourgeoisie which were the middle class that were using private property to make profit He stated that they use their wealth over the government 

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