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Everyday many people listen to music while traveling working or just for enjoyment If you look around there's probably at least one person wearing headphones It's part of our daily lives and has been for many years It has influenced us in different ways but not always in a good way Music has many effects on our culture and our minds Music is part of our daily lives and completely integrated into our society and has been for many many years It's part of our history and a big one at that so much so that we have to learn about it in school We listen to music everyday while traveling doing work for entertainment or eating No matter where you are you'll probably hear music Many fast food places play a radio station inside while you are eating and speaking of radio you probably listen to that in your car or else some kind of music list you have created yourself Out in public there are probably many people wearing headphones Music has been part of our society and our history for a very long time going back to even prehistoric ages to today Music spans over many different countries and languages and over time has changed from place to place Music over time can be classified into different categories based on their time frames Starting with prehistoric music which is also known as primitive music ancient music ended prehistoric music and holds the oldest known song which was deciphered by Anne Draffkorn Kilmer 

The next category is the biblical period then early music which was music from European music after the fall of the roman empire Medieval music was rich for the time period Renaissance music is not marked clearly as the beginning of the renaissance After renaissance comes Baroque music where instrumental music became the main thing Classical music classified by its homophonic texture Romantic music which was more expressive and emotional Then finally 20th and 21st century music that we listen to today Music can positively affect students and schools It can help students stay focused on work or help them remember important things easier than without music In Toronto Canada a music academy is in place proving the positive effects of music in schools Music in this school is integrated into all subjects from math to foreign language Learning through rhythms raps and composing their own songs the kids were able to learn in fun ways that kept their attention In one unit there was math problem solving writing media literacy French music and visual arts It is shown in studies that kids who study music have higher test scores in English and math Involving music in schools had students wanting to go to school even though before they had issues with attendance Kids with learning difficulties excelled in the music based structure There were kids willing to sing a solo in front of the whole school even though they had self esteem issues Music has also been shown to positively affect people with mental disorders like Alzheimer s Elderly people in old homes have improved when they listened to music 

The music if meaningful to them can bring back memories that they had lost before and make the people a bit livelier Elderly people who had once just sat there unresponsive to nurses friends and family now with music have begun to sing dance and talk about memories of the past They enjoy the time listening to music and every moment of listening is another moment of memory and life Music is not just for kids or elderly but for others as well Music can help people with certain issues or problems through music therapy Music therapy can promote wellness manage stress alleviate pain express feelings enhance memory improve communication and help with physical rehabilitation People with depression and anxiety can improve from music therapy It is shown that singing or playing and instrument can help them express their feelings and open up a bit more to their therapist Listening to music has a calming effect on patients helping them express themselves Playing an instrument can help people express themselves without having to vocalize their problems which help people who re afraid of opening up They can feel more comfortable talking while listening to music or after playing music to their therapist Music has also impacted our culture in different ways One of the ways that music has impacted our culture is through our daily lives Like technology music is part of our lives and we are always listening to music There's school dedicated to music and the proper way to make music In Canada there's a day called Music Monday were everyone on the same day at the same time sing the same song Each year the song changes too It is a day to celebrate music and music education

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