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Everyone dreams to achieve something in life whether that is fame respect or success I believe that the healthcare field is a field where one can achieve all these accomplishments as healthcare providers are often respected for the care they provide This leads to fame even if that s in the hospital clinic or the community they work in and being a healthcare provider is a success in and of itself Ever since childhood I imagined myself in the healthcare field and after extensive research I decided to become a physician assistant Throughout my academic path I focused on getting closer to my dream and worked persistently hard throughout school and college years The field of medicine and healthcare has always appealed to me From a young age as I began to question how and why people became ill and continued researching and developing my interests The path to making the decision about becoming a physician assistant made me realize my life s purpose which is to serve others in the time of need and becoming a PA would fulfill my purpose Typically doctors are less likely to be available regularly or less of a need in underserved areas and physician assistants can be extremely helpful in providing treatment and care during emergency situations that arise in those areas

Apart from diagnosing and treating diseases PAs can encourage good health practices through educating people in the community and various places Sometimes the right education and precautions can help in preventing various diseases Moreover the schedule of a doctor is extremely busy and due to that reason a doctor might not be able to spend more time with the patient discussing about health practices and outcomes and that s where a PA comes into play because he she can spend time with the patient and can provide hands on examination and can talk to the patient about the health outcomes In other words physician assistants have the time and luxury of spending more time with the patients The biggest reason that dragged me towards making the decision of becoming a PA is the flexibility of the occupation Flexibility in the sense that a physician assistant can study and practice multiple specialties as it a very broad profession as well as flexibility in the sense of work schedule There are several new opportunities that are available to the field of physician assistants and so there s no scope for workforce shortage If one door shuts there always another one that is open to physician assistant as there are limitless opportunities available to this profession

As a matter of fact the profession of physician assistants welcomes adaptation more readily based on the work demand I have received the experience of volunteering in a long term health care facility with chronically ill and rehab patients During my undergraduate years I obtained a certified nursing assistant license and volunteered at a nursing home where I got to interact with dementia and Alzheimer patients as well as rehab patients The most significant information I have learned through interacting with Alzheimer patients is patience and politeness As a CNA I have learned that I love patient care and I ve gained a new perspective towards aging as it is not a difficult concept for me and after interacting with older patients I have realized that it is a part of life and everyone should welcome it happily Apart from gaining long term patient care experience I have also had the opportunity to gain some insight through shadowing a pediatric physician Shadowing made me realize how adaptive the healthcare field is as physicians are always multi tasking whether its working out a diagnosis plan with other physicians working well within a team or writing detailed patients reports From my shadowing experiences I have learned that apart from diagnosing the illness the physician also provides valuable advice especially if the issue involves mental health or lifestyle change The physician that I shadowed was very much geared towards counseling rather than medications to treat patients with depression and anxiety and through which I learned that medicine is patient centered

When carrying out a diagnosis plan there are multiple common symptoms that overlap in different scenarios and the healthcare provider has to make the correct decision when diagnosing the patient with the true diagnosis plan The field of physician assistant studies is a field where I will be lifetime learner as I will constantly learn about new innovations in the medical field as well as new and treatments for chronic diseases Throughout the course of my studies I have done my best to prove that I am able to handle onerous academic schedule and I also realize that the path ahead is extremely challenging but I want to reassure you that I am determined hardworking and competent of conquering those challenges Becoming a physician assistant is a passion of mine as I look forward to providing high quality care promoting amicable relationships with my patients at the same time helping them to heal mentally and physically During my shadowing experience I observed several cases where there were symptoms that overlapped with common diseases such as cold or flu however they were preliminary symptoms for a more serious disease which the physician recognized early on and followed a true diagnosis plan which helped prevent the disease very easily In addition the most critical information I learned was the proper use of antibiotics by health care providers The physician I shadowed strictly adhered to this rule by limiting the prescription of antibiotics to avoid antibiotic resistance from developing as it creates a very serious problem for immune compromised patients

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