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Exercise is a crucial part with everybody however many people are ignoring doing exercise and are ignorant to its benefits Working out every day can bring a lot more benefits than you think it is considered a good way to prevent a number of diseases and it helps you living longer in doing so But instead of exercising people love spending time playing games watching TV and a lot of other useless excuses instead of doing physical activity they can use that time to improve their health by doing some basic exercises at home or simply walking or cycling and enjoy the fresh air of the morning This research will show you some main benefits of doing exercise include preventing diseases improving people's mood and memory Prevents Disease N Engl J Med said that unhealthy habits such as smoking greasy diet Tobacco and alcohol use little to no exercise are all associated with a significant increased risk of a coronary heart disease 1 Exercise can help you in preventing or treating heart disease obesity osteoporosis diabetes and even cancer A several scientific researches indicate that reducing these risk factors can decrease the risk of heart attack or undergo another cardiac event such as a stroke and lower the needs for a coronary revascularization procedure Myers 2003 p 3 2 

In addition to when you do physical activities you can reduce your body fat by burning calories to provide energy for you during the exercise and for the rest of the day According to the World Health Organization WHO adults people are advised to spend more than 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activities weekly including walking running cycling lifting heavier loads swimming and competitive sports 3 Next exercise effects not only physical conditions but can also improve one's physical health such as Diabetes Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Metabolism As a result of physical inactivity the body's insulin regulatory mechanisms can be impaired Kravitz 2007 p 4 4 Diabetes is a result of obesity and inactivity so exercise is a solution for this Regular aerobic exercise may increase insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism which means the body's cells can more efficiently transport glucose into the cells of the liver muscle and adipose tissue Doing exercise can be seen as health problem treatments and there are various exercise methods for different psychological health issues Table 1 Table 1 Effects of Exercise on Psychological Health Variables Adapted from Exercise and Psychological Health Kravitz n d p 8 5 Besides health benefits doing exercise can also help people get in shape 

When you lift heavy weight your muscle starts to grow to compensate and after a few months you can a better shaped body However you need to do exercise frequently to accomplish this in order to be in shape because muscles will be turned to fat after a long time inactivated Adults people who do not exercise regularly experience a 3 to 8 loss of muscle mass per 10 years followed by resting metabolic rate reduction and fat accumulation 2012 American College of Sports Medicine 6 Improve your Mood Also doing exercise regularly can have a positive boost in mood and lower rates of depression Regular exercise can actually make you feel more energized throughout the day In fact it is believed that exercising in the middle of the day can leave you feeling more energetic and productive for the rest of the afternoon Actually when you do exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins and these endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain Another benefit of exercise is the bonds that can be made and improved regarding the relationship between you and your friends

For example imagine that you are on a mountain trail with a group best friends or even your partner chatting with them while still working out it should be an interesting and exciting experience In doing so you will benefit from the physical activity and emotional comfort knowing that others are supportive of you and you of them Expand your Memory Finally daily exercise can improve your memory and brain health The benefits of exercise come from its ability to reduce insulin resistance reduce inflammation and stimulate the release of growth factors chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and even the abundance and survival of new brain cells Indirectly exercise improves mood and sleep and reduces stress and anxiety Problems in these areas frequently cause or contribute to cognitive impairment 

Many studies have suggested that the parts of the brain that control thinking and memory the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex have greater volume in people who exercise versus people who don t It is obvious that instead of playing video games which is harmful to your eyes and does not affect positively to your brain you can spend that time on physical activities so that you can not only enhance your strength but your brain as well Physical exercise may be one of the most beneficial and cost effective therapies widely available to everyone to elevate memory performance In Conclusion there are thousands of reasons for you to do exercise It is said that exercise is medicine and that is so true exercising not only improves your health but also prevents disease Physical exercise is clearly a great way to reduce risk of disease help your mind function it can even improve your outlook on life Being aware of the benefits from daily exercise you should put working out on your time table from now on Do you want to live longer Do you want to stay healthier The choice is on you

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