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Explain the conditions that created the ability for absolutism to exist in Europe during this time As the seventeenth century approached feudalism began to decline in Europe causing the cities to gain power Many rulers of these cities began to desire more power than what they had and wanted to be absolute monarchs Although there were many things that contributed to the beginning of absolutism religion and crisis were the most significant conditions leading Europe to absolutism Being an absolute monarch meant that the ruler had complete power allowing oneself to take complete control of an area with little or no help This desire to be an absolute monarch however is not said to have been simply a desire of the rulers but their divine right Because the rulers believed that having complete power was their divine right they told their population that God was calling them to do take control and they were only answering to the ultimate power of this time Religion was a very important aspect of people's lives at this time and doing as God told was crucial in being a good citizen Due to this the people of Europe allowed their rulers to take complete power which lead to crises The transition to this complete power caused lots of upheaval and built a very unstable 

Europe In this time of crises monarchs searched for solutions and decided that increasing their power quickly was the best solution So the monarchs increased their power and allowed absolutism to begin in Europe Describe the different tactics used throughout Europe during this time to limit the power of nobility For the entire duration of absolutism kings were constantly challenged by the nobles and constantly battled with them over their power King Louis XIV however was among the most successful of the kings in limiting the power of the nobles His tactics are considered brutal by many but he was able to not only limit the power of the nobles but also increase the power of intendants Working alongside his assistant Mazarin King Louis XIV raised the taxes of the nobles and forced them to go live with him in the court so he could watch them and make sure they abided by his rules These techniques were productive and although many of these nobles tried to escape their living quarters King Louis XIV had already developed a system to prevent that from happening Using a strike system King Louis XIV demanded respect from the nobles and ultimately weakened their authority Not only did King Louis XIV make the nobles pay higher taxes and live in the court of the palace with him but he also made sure local officials met with him frequently to discuss the nobles behaviors and awarded them with more power In doing this the king increased the power of intendants and decreased the power of nobles and although his tactics were a bit brutal he got the results he desired and has come to be known as the most powerful ruler in French history How were the central characteristics of the English and French governments of the late 1600s similar or different 

Throughout the 1600s there were lots of changes that occurred in both the French and English governments causing them to be both similar and different By the end of the 1600s England had developed a monarchy with a parliament and France had developed an absolute monarchy The biggest difference between the two is that in England the government consisted of multiple people whereas in France the government consisted of ultimately one person This difference was both good and bad for the two countries In France changes could occur faster but because everything was in the hands of one single person France was very vulnerable to collapses and there was little to no freedom in speech With a parliament England was able to experience well thought out changes that had to be approved by a group of people first The downside to this however is that the Parliament could be stubborn and not allow laws to pass and change to occur

Both forms of government were effective for each country but they came with both positives and negatives Overall the central characteristics of the English and French governments in the late 1600s were more different than alike Why might it have been more difficult for absolutism to exist in central Europe than in western Europe Absolutism existed in western Europe with few issues However absolutism was never successful in central Europe The reason for this is because western Europe consisted of France whereas central Europe consisted of Spain From the 1500s and later Spain had portions of land across the ocean in the Americas as well as their portion of land in Europe Having one ruler for all of this land some of which had an ocean between it would have been extremely challenging for Spain in various ways Communicating across the ocean enforcing rules from two different continents and knowing people are following those rules are all reasons that absolutism would not have worked in central Europe In western Europe however the countries were all contained and in one area making it easier to communicate with the population and enforce rules For these reasons it was difficult for absolutism to exist in central Europe

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