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Most of the early civilizations originated from rivers The Nile Tigris Euphrates the Indus and the Yellow River were all rivers where most of the ancient civilizations started to grow Early civilizations were located near rivers because the rivers contained fresh water This fresh water helped to develop agriculture Agriculture allowed civilizations to have a more stable population For instance the Nile River was one of the few rivers that had the most dependable annual flooding resulting in early agriculture was able to produce numerous crops The Egyptians eventually were able to withstand the flooding and created an irrigation system as well as canals to capture the water from the flood The Indus and Yellow river also flooded but it wasn't as predictable as the Nile Every time the Nile flooded it would leave a brown silt that was full of nutrients The bountiful sun and water meant that multiple crops could be raised and support an increasing population This increasing population caused the settlements to turn into huge cities and eventually create a government 

As there was enough food people weren't forced to farm as they could focus on other crafts like pottery and writing Rivers also helped early civilizations to travel trade and transport goods Boats were a much efficient way to do all these tasks as it was much quicker than other ways of transportation such as horseback The Tigris and Euphrates river were traveled a lot as a huge proportion went up and down the Tigris and Euphrates Bauer Kindle Location 774 The kingdom of Kish became a rich and powerful kingdom as they were settled near the Tigris and Euphrates river and taxed all the goods that came down these rivers Was the Bronze Age Collapse inevitable Yes as there were environmental issues that contributed to the collapse As the Late Bronze age was ending many ethnic groups started to migrate causing chaos towards the bigger empires Among these ethnic groups were the sea people who were responsible for overthrowing Egypt s reign in Canaan As the sea people were advancing they conquered the trade city of Ugarit The Ugarit text describes enemy ships approaching destruction of the fields drought and famine However we do not know who these enemy ships are so we don t know if these are the sea people although it is very likely More ethnic groups such as the Lydians Persians Phrygians and Medes arose during this period The multiple migrations of many ethnic groups were caused by the widespread climate change Started in the 1960s and based on tablets found in Hattusha Ugarit Emar on the Euphrates and Aphek in Israel researchers have suspected that there was a drought and famine at the end of the Late Bronze Age

These textual clues had scholars suggest that there was a climate crisis in the eastern Mediterranean As there was a drought this probably meant a shortage in crops forcing civilizations to find another food source Along with this problem of a lack of food and water you also got invaders As I mentioned before the Sea people that may have included the Philistines and Homer s Danaans frequently attacked the Mycenaens It was probably the sea people who cut off the trade routes Like other Late Bronze age civilizations the Mycenaens relied on trade routes and needed copper and tin to make bronze Without these routes the Mycenaens were unable to survive Although we do not know the exact cause of the collapse of the Bronze Age researchers and archaeologists suggest these were the major problems leading up to the collapse How are epics useful when studying history Epics can help gain different perspective in an event in history give clues about earlier cultures and help piece together what actually happened in the ancient world For example the epic Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta tells us that in Enmmerkar s attempt to conquer Aratta failed as the Elamites of Aratta are still free Knowing that the story was written by the Sumerians not the Elamites the Sumerians probably would like to present Enmerkar as best as possible

This record of this event allows the Sumerians to hide Enmerkar s failure resulting in a questionable ending Epics also help us in giving clues to the first settlements of ancient India as they kept no records or achievements Although the epics we look at for clues about the early Indian civilizations are off by thousands of years the epics probably preserve an older tradition Another example is how we pieced together and figured out how the story of Agga was written in striking distance of Gilgamesh s reign As the story of Agga was written in Sumerian the tablet must ve been recorded before the Sumerian language disappeared in 2000 BC being replaced by Akkadian In the Epic of Gilgamesh Gilgamesh was believed to have ruled around 2800 to 2500 BC Considering that history was told first then written later the written version seems to be written at a reasonable close time to Gilgamesh s reign Epic tales however should be taken with a grain of salt as they were written by scribes who were paid by the kings whose achievements they recorded which the scribes tended to tilt the stories in the king's favor However we can compare these epics to other accounts of battles won temples built and treaties to assemble together what events really happened in the ancient world

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