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Antiretroviral Adherence Counseling and Support in East Sudan I Introduction In Sudan around 69 000 people are living with HIV and HIV prevalence is at 0 4 Sudan has one of the largest populations of people living with HIV in Middle East and North Africa and the country is moving forwards in addressing some of the obstacles which have been preventing scale up of HIV prevention treatment and care Today more than 150 centers are providing testing and counselling and 32 treatment sites have been established around the country to make access to antiretroviral treatment more widely available UNAIDS website HIV care and treatment services were first introduced in Sudan in 2003 Antiretroviral Treatment Centers ART were established as standalone facilities which are detached from the hospital management and service delivery system are directly connected to State AIDS Control Program SACP The ART Centers generally have their own management system in separate building with their own laboratories pharmacies The running costs of these centers are provided from the SACP Although the ART Centers do not include admission wards so they often request the general hospital to admit the sever cases of Patients Living with HIV PLHIV In 2009 it is estimated that 80 of budget that support the HIV services are from external sources mainly the Global Fund The contribution of Global started to decline since In 2014 a plan to integrate HIV program in hospital management and to involve the civil society organisations

The Federal Ministry of Health planned integration inorder to increase the efficiency of health service provision by delivering the HIV services through the existing state health system and to improve the contribution of civil society organizations in working with key population http www unaids org sites default files country documents file 2C94748 2Ces pdf While integration appear to provide efficient utilization of resources and better service range for HIV AIDS patients but the confidentiality of the patients will be compromised as they will attend to the same facilities together with other patients and to deal with broad range of people The weak confidentiality might make the patients reluctant to seek healthcare service and they will demonstrate poor compliance Pharmacists have crucial role to play in improvement of patient adherence to their treatement for example they can register the patients at their medication picking dates and to send text messages to remind the patients to pick their medication this with other forms of counseling support II Aim and research questions The aim of this study is to explore the opinions of community pharmacists on the provision HIV Antiretroviral Adherence Counseling and Support in East Sudan The study should provide an answer to the following questions To assess the pharmacists knowledge about the Adherence Counseling and Support 

How the pharmacists currently do HIV Antiretroviral Adherence Counseling and Support What are challenges that face the pharmacists in providing adherence support Do the pharmacists need a training to improve their knowledge and skills in adherence support III Rationale Integration Pharmacists new exposure to new area IV Methods A qualitative design structured interviews This approach is chosen because interviews are more convenient for interviewee to reflect his knowledge about the subject Focus group is not chosen because it might not offer cheerful platform for knowledge gap exposure among colleague Pharmacists will be directly approached in pharmacies that will provide the HIV AIDS Antiretroviral therapy for patients in East Sudan To motivate the targeted pharmacists to participate flyers including the information about the HIV AIDS integration plan importance of compliance will be distributed to the pharmacists Data collection Data will be collected through structured interviews and it will be voice recorded using digital audio recorder 30 interviews will be conducted 10 interviews for every city each interview will take approximately 45 minutes Interview guide will be prepared with different sets of questions Participants and setting Pharmacists who are working in community pharmacies that will provide the HIV AIDS Antiretroviral therapy in East Sudan cities Port Sudan Kassala Gadarif 

The pharmacists should be fully registered in ministry of health working full time in the pharmacies Participants will be recruited through direct approach to pharmacies and flyers containing information about the HIV AIDS integration plan will be distributed Interviews setting will be arranged with hospital administration all interviews will be conducted in a convenient hospital meeting room Sampling Purposeful sampling method will be applied Samples will be selected purposefully based on profession location 8 Material data analysis Transcription of audio materials recorded from structured interviews will be done by using transcription pedal A person will be recruited to help in transcription verification Materials will be coded by using NVivo software coding will be done in two cycles Primary cycle coding Secondary cycle coding During the data immersion phase a series of discussion about the data and the emerging findings will be held in order to consider a different of interpretations Thematic analysis will be implemented for identifying themes until reaching saturation point is achieved Framework analysis will be used to look for patterns associations and explanations in data V Ethical consideration All participants will sign a written voluntary consent that includes all information about the study Approvals from hospitals ministry of health will be obtained VI Previous research There is only one previous study conducted about motivators and barriers to healthy diet but it was limited to non indigenous Australian There is lack of knowledge regarding this topic among indigenous people Previous study title is Young adult males motivators and perceived barriers towards eating healthily and being active 10 VII References

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