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Chemistry Spectroscopy Study

In the term of chemistry spectroscopy is specifically refers to the study of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic radiation comprised of gamma rays X rays ultraviolet UV visible light vis infrared light as well as longer wavelength microwaves television waves and radio waves The forming of these waves are coming from the vibrations of electric and magnetic fields that pass through the space In fact spectroscopy is originated from the research of the dispersion of visible light according to its wavelength by a prism This concept was then further extended deeply into many branches after conducting variety experiments including the interaction with radiative energy as a function of its wavelength or frequency Actually the light energy is made up of many frequencies and wavelengths The studies of spectroscopy will mainly measure the change in absorption or emission of an analyte to different wavelength in order to determine its interaction with each tested wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation especially for visible light and ultraviolet light The absorbance of a chemical substance can be determined by measuring the intensity of light in a straight beam light that passed through the sample solution which is known as the spectrophotometry method The basic principle behind it is that each compound will be capable to absorb or transmit light over a certain range of wavelength In this aspect the amount of a chemical substance can be figured out through the obtained measurement of absorbance Absorption of infrared radiation relates to vibrational or rotational excitations of molecules Absorption of visible and ultraviolet light will result in the excitation of electrons changing the electron distribution in the molecules or ions of the absorbing material As a consequence of light absorption in the beam of light that emerges from the sample has a diminished intensity symbolized by I

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Nano Cocrystal Based Formulation Approaches

In recent times the integration of the nanocrystal as well as the cocrystal based approach into the single drug formulation as nano cocrystals has been gaining wide scope of interest Nano cocrystal based formulation approaches have some unique properties and exhibit some advantages like improved chemical stability saturation solubility dissolution rate and bioavailability by some research groups Nano cocrystals have been an area of interest as limited research has been done and reported in the field of pharmaceuticals Researchers have attempted to produce the nano cocrystals by top down and bottom up approaches successfully Nano cocrystal formulations are currently being explored for solubility enhancement improved physical properties and bioavailability over the other enabling technologies for the poorly water drugs Based on the outcomes by many research groups an overview of the method of preparation and properties have been described below In 2010 Sander et al 2 reported ultrasound assisted antisolvent precipitation method in presence of surfactant Span85 as a strategy for crystal engineering of nano sized cocrystals Caffeine 2 4 dihydroxybenzoic acid monohydrate system was selected as the model cocrystal The cocrystal components were dissolved in common and different solvent s and injected into anti solvent under ultrasonic radiation at 0º C to yield nano cocrystals Studies of particle size by Dynamic light scattering DLS and surface morphology by SEM showed that the cocrystal obtained by use of the two solvent method produced nano sized cocrystals with less polydispersity index PDI within nanometer particle size range In 2013 De Smet et al 2 reported Itraconazole ITRA adipic acid nano cocrystals prepared by wet milling method

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