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Operating System Design Lenovo Ideapad

Operating System Design Name I own a Lenovo Ideapad V110 laptop It has the following features Operating system Windows 7 Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB Process speed 2 0 GHz Screen size 15 6 Framework memory 4 GB The reason why I prefer Windows 7 over any other operating system Windows 7 is a Window s version that was introduced after Windows Vista It has a number of advantages compared to other operating systems These advantages include 1 It has a high speed and therefore reliable It has a high responsiveness rate It shuts down and starts quickly and has fewer prompts and interruptions When there is a problem in my computer windows seven tends to have a faster recovery process 2 It still works well with the latest technology and trends This means that I am able to operate different types of applications and devices using windows 7 You can actually operate other operating systems from a desktop that has Windows 7 installed 3 I find it easy to find what I need quickly Window 7 has a large customizable taskbar that has a pop up previews It also includes Jump lists and instant search options The library groups make the process of finding documents easy even if they are saved in different folders 4 Window 7 makes the everyday tasks simplified and streamlined

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I Side With Reflection University of Nebraska

I Side With Reflection University of Nebraska Omaha Contents Introduction 3 Agreement with Results 3 Issues Learned More About 3 Comparing and Contrasting Issues 4 Conclusion 5 Introduction This paper looks at my results from the I Side With extended quiz and how those results compare to the 2016 presidential candidates Also included in this paper are some of the issues that I learned more about from taking the quiz as well as how the presidential candidates viewed the certain topics This paper analyzes the presidential candidates similarities and differences between the way they sided and covers the predictions of their ideologies based off their stances Agreement with Results To start off with for the most part I agree with the results from my quiz The quiz says that I would side with Donald Trump at 56 regarding the various Presidential Election issues The main reason why I would agree with these results is because I am a registered Republican and usually tend to lean that way on most issues However I do side 47 with Hillary Clinton which would make sense because regarding topics such as social issues I tend to lean more democratic

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