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Fear factor is a common television show aired by reality television With no doubts this is a popular show viewed by millions of people around the globe It comes in a form of entertainment program that I believe no other television program in the world could outshine Despite this the major question that has risen is to whether the ethics behind this television show is indeed questionable by people in the society As a matter of fact fear factor television show is a favorite TV show that has some type of ethical problem that the characters are facing The ethics of this show are doubtful because they defeat the purpose of airing the realities of life to the world Apart from that the show neglect the welfare of the characters and has always refused to acknowledge the negative impacts it has on the viewers in many parts of the world Technology has in the recent times progressed in various areas of life not leaving the field of multimedia communications of which television is amongst It is easier for people to notice how the current technology has affected the nature of programs that are aired on television Reality TV show has become a questionable and a bigger talk to the people as compared to its intentions of entertaining people Reality TV show is a type of TV programming which documents apparently improvised everyday circumstances and frequently exhibits an otherwise unidentified group of people who are normally nonprofessional actors though in certain shows superstars may take part 

This documentary is different from others in the sense that it emphasizes on personal conflict drama and entertainment rather than educating watchers thus causing puzzles on ethical viewpoint The greatest ethical challenge that people faces out there is what kind of information and message the show is airing to the people Once Prose stated that If the interests of the corporate culture that controls our television stations are at heart the same as those that fund and support lobbyists and politicians it stands to reason that when network executives do meet to determine what is appropriate entertaining profitable what people want and need to see they are unlikely to flinch at portraying stylized versions of the same behavior we read about in the press or can observe on the Senate floor Almost every scene of the reality TV show right now is degrading to the common human beings This is a show that get most of the viewers around the world and to the surprising side it has the worst values in the societal setting For instance the issue of getting plastic surgery so as to improve one s look is totally unacceptable in the society setting Having this said it is clear that the reality TV show has a connection between producers and politics That proves or it s an indication that the TV show has failed because it airs negative ethics of the society With no doubts the show is demoralizing the human race in a number of ways What I believe is that the reality TV show helps the characters in few ways but the larger portion is that it makes fools out of the characters and the society at large 

Why does the show use common people and not the big actors similar to other shows People should rethink the actions of this show because it violates the ethical codes for the benefits of their show and not into the interest of the society People should be aware that this show has some type of ethical problem that the characters are facing The ethics of the society and what is aired for people to see should always be preserved The aim of reality TV shows such as Fear Factor is to portray the essence of reality but this has not been the case in the recent times With no doubts such shows are deceiving the audience in the name of reality It is true that the authenticity of fear factor show is fading in the current times because of the ethical problems that the characters are facing Some of the characters are made to engage into life dangerous activities so as to make the programs the best and competitive enough 

The reality of common human life is not thrilling or exciting enough so as to capture the attention of viewers The producer of fear factor show encourages characters to engage in actions that has some type of ethical problems In this show characters are made to bring fame to the audience thus there are chances that their life in society could be ruined To speak the truth the fear factor show uses the characters in making money and making the show fame Participants of this show are used and treated as money making elements by the producers That results to a negative effects to the participants With no doubts most of the characters in the fear factor show are physically and psychologically tortured Apart from that the manner in which their personalities get portrayed by the media is wrong As a fact the ethics of this show based on the characters interest is truly questionable After all most people are glued on their television to see how the characters are humiliating themselves and that forms the entertainment part

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