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Mainly includes the key stakeholders who are part of this Incident

Abstract This paper explains about the key Incident Response Plan which is developed for my Company Mainly includes the key stakeholders who are part of this Incident Response Planning Committee The roles and responsibilities of individual stakeholder when is the exact time for each team to respond depending on the incident criticality Also about various key business activities being impacted as part of any security incident in the company I also stated why these stakeholders are considered as key role with respect to Incident Response Also expressed my views how do a company can overcome from security incidents Keywords Incident Response Planning IRP Protected Personal Information PPI Human Resources HR Public Relations PR Incident Response Planning is a combination of different steps which are designed in order to recover a company's business activities to normal state after unexpected incident which halts the regular business processes IRP is planned and designed by a team which is formed from different business areas in the company IRP is available with almost every company in order to detect the future cyber attacks data breaches internal data theft risks and other issues which will be analyzed by IRP team upfront so they can come up with a strategy to handle all this issues The IRP developed by me for my company will have a planning committee with important stakeholders as below 1 Information Technology Services 2 Security Management 3 Legal Team 4 Human Resources 5 Public Relations Information Technology Services This includes Database Development Testing and Networking teams which will handle all the Business Applications in the company 

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