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Nuclear weapons proliferation

Nuclear weapons proliferation is one of the greatest security threats to international security today This problem of nuclear proliferation has an impact on every State Thus the response for the issue must be multilateral The issue of nonproliferation staged as an international issue as the replacement agreement to the strategic Army Reduction Treaty START was signed by the US and Russia in December 2011 And President Barak Obama gave his priority to the nuclear issue in his international agenda The nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty NPT is established comprehensively with legally binding framework based on three principles 1 states who are not having nuclear weapons agree not to acquire them 2 the five states China France United Kingdom US Russia which know to develop nuclear weapons agree to not move and assist other states and 3 the non nuclear weapons states NNWS are guaranteed access to energy development Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Participation in the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty https en m wikipedia org wiki Treaty_on_the_Non Proliferation_of_Nuclear_Weapons The nine states China France India North Korea Pakistan Russia the United States and United Kingdom are recognized as the states which own neclear weapons and there are more than 30 countries including Japan German and South Korea have the capability and technology to develop nuclear arms

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