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Finland is feminine in its distribution of roles This means the population is more assertive and caring over mental wellbeing than physical wealth The workforce will be very equally distributed Men and women are treated with the same rights and very little separates the two If conflicts arise they are to be dealt with by negotiation not with aggression Although your company wants to expand and achieve wealth passive decisions need to be made to ensure a successful and unharming outcome In a socialistic form remember to be equal With a more feminine score Finland does not tolerate hierarchy between sexes and groups Your social interactions will focus on well being and ensuring you are happy over rich Strongly prioritizing wealth over quality of life will make you seem haughty and is not common around the country Short term orientation refers to how people react to occurrences that cannot be explained In Finland this is fundamentally the same case as in Canada As an employee you will recognize the approach on subjects to be successful quicker Organizations will do their best to know the truth on material and have a more formal approach on issues

There is flexibility to adapt to surprising circumstances but like Canadians Finns have a more direct approach on situations Social life is very respectful to past events and traditions Finnish people value their country and are mindful of their past With this though society still shows concern to know the real truth and it is somewhat not common to relax and adapt to different situations You need to act and learn in different conditions It will be best off having a set and understanding mind rather than a loose one Upon your settlement in Finland you should recognize a lower sense of institution power distance Power Distance refers to the degree that low position workers accept inequality in authority As an employee you will be a part of a team of individuals with no evident superior personnel The goal is to minimize any misunderstandings to be as efficient as possible so communicate The managers will count on you and your skills you need to know you re role Nevertheless if something goes wrong no group is blamed the work system is It is avoided to single blame individuals over mistakes Power in Finnish organizations is not as obvious

This means there is a sense of who is in greater hierarchy but controlling is the least a person would want to be acknowledged as Out in public approaching other civilians may be difficult and should only be done if necessary Many act independently but each is still expected to be equal Acting arrogant to different social classes is disliked so treating everybody the same is key Individualism is the level of interconnection between population members In a workplace you focus on yourself but you may experience more group work than in Canada In a working environment it is important to fulfill your job and role If you are assigned work you better get it done Employees will prioritize their own work over others as it is important to not leave your boss down Although some tasks require to work collectivistic remember you are working to improve yourself This means that joining the work environment will give you the same individual purpose but more pressure to fulfill the tasks 

From a social perspective Finland is very self determining It is common to spend more time with your family than other people and your priorities should be based on an individual basis not a group basis With this comes personal value too Personal achievements and belongings are very valuable to finns as achievements are mainly achieved by individual efforts only Fundamentally your social and work life is more like a mission to pursue your personal interests and goals Uncertainty Avoidance represents how unpredictability is tolerated in a country More uncertainty avoidance means the country tries to evade uncertain situations As an employee you will recon a higher urge to get work done There is pressure to be accurate in your work and your workplace will consist of some formal orders and rules Being relaxed on the job is a sparse occurrence but is still acceptable from time to time Mainly it is important to think formal and smart on the job As you are apart of an organization taking risks can be consequential so they are mainly avoided It is necessary to be conventional a k a stick to the plan and past procedures Social standpoints are somewhat more relaxed in a finish society Risk taking varies between individuals and formality varies between groups 

When off the job it is reasonable to slow down on work effort and time off work is reasonable Time is now less money and more of a casual approach If you ve worked hard all day now it is time for a break Finland is going to show less indulgence than Canada Indulgence means that the level of freedom of a population drives over their level of work A k a Leisure over Work nevertheless this is stricter in Finland than Canada Finland leans more towards indulgence but has some factors of restraint in the workforce Although you are living good leisure is not more important than work Many will work hard on the job and then be relaxed and casual after Doing the same will considerably balance your work and social life In terms of Finnish social lifestyle expect mild indulgence People will be positive about their lives Time off work is still valued as many work hard during their jobs Nevertheless it is not over the top indulgence as many still value their job positions and wish to control their work life With that general time off is going out for dinner events or shows more formal rather than partying or extreme sports informal It doesn't mean you can’t be happy it means you have to stay professional

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