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First Circulatory system contains heart blood vessels and blood Its main to transport useful materials such as nutrients oxygen hormones and to remove metabolic waste such as carbon dioxide salts and nitrogenous wastes So metabolic waste is substances which are useless for the organism therefore they need to be removed For example nutrients are transported around the body through the blood in capillaries and tiny blood vessels which connected to the veins Also oxygen and wasted are transported through the capillaries as well Small amount of oxygen usually carried in the plasma out in form of gas Another function is to regulate the temperature of the body PH and water content in the cells Heat in the body should be evenly shared in the body when blood circulate around the body and so heat comes from the warm tissues which are deep inside of the body to the surface of the body which is significantly cooler than inside part of the body Regulation of the PH is important because it is used to create acidity and one of the reason and importance of PH is to keep chemical reaction at it optimal power Normal PH of the body is 7 4 and at this level body can run very efficient Temperature PH water content and blood pressure should be maintained at it optimal level to maintain homeostasis First we may find a lot of hairs on our skin and this is important because hairs have a function to trap warm air from the surroundings When hairs on the skin are straight heat loss reduced and when hairs are lying flat on the skin heat loss is increased 

The movement of the hairs controlled by the muscles in the skin which are very small When the body is too hot glands under the skin are used to produce sweat on the surface of the skin which is done to increase the heat loss by the process of evaporation Vasodilation is what causes swell when blood vessels provide with blood to the skin This is causes more heat to be carried by the blood When blood vessels shrink its called vasoconstriction This is done so the heat loss reduces when body temperature is in standard condition Moving on circulatory system Is also used for protection and to do this white blood cells antibodies and proteins circulate in the blood and protect the body from microbes and toxins Clotting mechanism is there to protect the body from blood loss which could possibly occur when the person injured So the function of clots to prevent extreme flow of blood Immune cells consist of T cells which are one of the type of lymphocyte and its role in cell mediated immunity And another type of the lymphocyte which is B cell which engulf pathogens and they are used to produce antibodies to destroy or trap the bacteria and viruses in the body So B cell is plasma cell that store antibodies The formation of a tissue fluid is due to hydrostatic pressure when the heart pumps Tissue fluid contain water molecules carbon dioxide and some fatty molecules So the formation of tissue caused by pressure where tiny molecules are moved from the blood plasma through capillaries to form tissue fluid Blood has a plasma protein and this plasma proteins stays in the blood after the process plasma proteins are too big to pass through the capillaries 

Also water is absorbed again by osmosis so from the area of a lower concentration to the area of a higher concentration to sustain the blood pressure Diffusion rate depends on the size and the surface area to volume ratio of the cell Diffusion occurs when particles are away from each other free Diffusion happens when particles move from the area of a high concentration to an area of lower concentration When the size increases the surface area to volume will decrease This can affect the diffusion process because less surface will be available for material to diffuse This will slow diffusion rate down as diffusion won t be as fast as it could occur with the material that would have had larger surface area to volume ration which means diffusion would be faster if the material is smaller However large multicellular organisms can not be provided with oxygen or minerals because larger multicellular organism need specialised transport system So the multicellular organism will require organ system to carry out specific functions like communication between cells Also one of the important factors is heart requires electrical signals which sent to the heart muscles to sense when to muscle should contract or relax This is important it needed for the heart to continue pumping Electrical signals occur in the right atrium of the heart and the signal crosses the atria which makes the contraction and so the blood can pump through the valves from the atrium to the ventricles

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