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Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Baker's yeast

Saccharomyces cerevisiae or Baker's yeast is a single celled organism which contains a collection of different enzymes and in this experiment catalase will be the one to be explored Catalase is an enzyme made of amino acids that catalyse the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide H_2 O_2 to oxygen and water It is tetrahedrally arranged all of which contain an active site which contains a NADPH and a heme group These active sites match the ones of hydrogen peroxide and therefore cause bonds to break and new ones to form hence giving us the products of oxygen and water This shows we can efficiently measure the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide using catalase as an enzyme due to its structure The baker's yeast is being used to convert hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen to demonstrate the significance and power of microorganisms in converting compounds such as H_2 O_2 Baker's yeast was chosen specifically as it is a well known member of the yeast family and is significant in biotechnological research due to its easier use than well isolated enzymes In the commercial industry yeast costs significantly less due to the fact it is a unicellular organism and has a large variety of enzymes available Therefore being eukaryotic cells they contain a nucleus which makes them more complex than bacteria but are not as complex as plant cells or mammals which makes them the most suitable model to investigate multicellular organisms The overall equation for the experiment reaction is as follows 2 H_2 O_2 2 H_2 O O_2 This shows that for every two hydrogen peroxide molecules that are broken down the enzyme gains two water molecules and one oxygen molecule

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