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Compare Contrast Monotheistic religions

While many people today only see the differences between the three major monotheistic religions they are in fact much more similar than they are different Amongst the world the three main religions are closely related in their origins holy scriptures books beliefs and institutions of leadership Jews Christians and Muslims believe in the covenant made between God and Abraham This covenant between God and Abraham became the heritage faith and belief for the children of Abraham to continue The Covenant made around 4 000 years ago which then formed the basis beliefs and the common origin that joined the three major monotheistic religions Judaism Christianity and Islam Jews Christians and Muslims have more similarity than difference they all believe in the covenant between God and Abraham All the three major religions believe that a covenant was made by God with Abraham to keep faith in one God and to worship him to keep faith in one God and to worship him to keep that faith and teach practice of worship his children It is expressed in the Jewish and Christian traditions in a verse of the book in Genesis In this verse God calls to Abraham and he replies Here I am Genesis 1 22 All religions have and share a similar story in each of their holy and sacred books Proving that both religions are more similar than different The story of Abraham is a bridge between the religions Judaism and Christianity as Jesus was a Jew and he had appointed the twelve apostles to spread word about Jesus s teachings as they spread word across the world they mentioned the story of Abraham which the Christians and Muslims believed in All religions are Monotheistic religions as they share the belief in only one God who is the creator of the universe infinite omnipresent almighty and eternal Christians believe that God exists and even refer to him as God Him or even Father For this God is our God for ever and ever He will be our guide even to the end Psalms 48 14 NIV

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