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Helpless infants are dying every minute in developing countries

Helpless infants are dying every minute in developing countries Infants need attention care and most importantly nutritious food Babies are unable to get their own food take care of themselves or tell you what they want or need Children around the age of two months to one year are considered infants About half of the world s population is affected from undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies Ahmed and others 2012 There are many causes of undernutrition in pregnant women but they almost all relate back to one overlying problem gender inequality It is still crazy to think there is not equality among all people in this day s society In developing countries women are constantly falling behind men in health care having access to food and education Ahmed and others 2012 Women in developing countries do just as much work if not more than the men Females should have the right to food just as men do The same right goes to infants as well Infant girls are predestined to have a rough time getting the nutrients they need from day one Undernutrition is a vicious cycle once undernourished it is unlikely that women will improve their eating habits With that being said infant girls that suffer from undernutrition from birth will most likely continue to suffer from undernutrition throughout the entirety of their lives

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