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Black History Month is a celebration in the United States Canada

Black History Month is a celebration in the United States Canada and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people in history because it was when African Americans fought for their rights and stood up for them and demanded equality There's A lot of Africans who were brave and who were famous for it like Rosa parks Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass and many more Katherine G Johnson is one of those brave people she was a pioneer in American space history A NASA mathematician Johnson s hard work has influenced every major space programs from Mercury through the Shuttle She even calculated the flight path for the first American mission space Katherine was born August 26 1918 in West Virginia Katherine s father a farmer and her mother a schoolteacher he moved their family to the town of Institute so that Katherine would get a good education Johnson showed her love for numbers and mathematics when she was a young girl 

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Investigating the eminently impacted factors after the Great Recession

I have been investigating the eminently impacted factors after the Great Recession had happened Although there were a conglomeration of distinctive parts that were encountered after the Great Recession had occurred Furthermore I have decided to focus on three incommensurable perspectives that have predominantly been used to analyse to see why unemployment was impacted mostly ensuing the financial crisis The three perspectives that I am exploring are family life unemployment and small and big businesses The 2008 monetary catastrophe was the subjugated financial disaster since the Great Recession of 1929 It was named the Great Recession as the financial depreciation in the United States and was divided out instantaneously nearly affecting every intersection of the world The financial crisis of 2007 2008 was a severe and major financial crisis and this was the worst of its kind since the Great Recession It apparently became visible in September 2008 with the failure of several large United States based on financial firms The underlying causes leading to the crisis has been reported in journals for many months before September with the description about the financial stability of leading United States and European investment banks insurance firms and mortgage banks consequent to the subprime mortgage crisis 

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