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In Franz Kafka's story The Metamorphosis Gregor's family betrays him when he turns into a insect because they are repulsed by him and feel as though he lost his connection with humanity Also Now that Gregor has transformed and is incapable of working his family to disregards him and see him as a useless member of the family Grete s betrayal represents a significant shift considering all that he has done for his family Through this shift Kafka portrays the message that when you live for other people it ends in betrayal being taken advantage of and in the end being alone left with nothing in times of need Gregors took care of his family without him they'd fall apart because he was their main source of income He felt very proud that he had been able to provide such a life in so nice an apartment for his parents and his sister Kaafka Gregor's family respects him and appreciates him But when Gregor wakes up one morning and he unexpectedly transformed into a giant insect Throughout the story Gregor has to personally deal with his physical and emotional change

At first his family tries to accept his transformation His mother incidentally began relatively soon to want to visit Gregor but his father and his sister at first held her back with reasonable arguments to which Gregor listened very attentively and of which he wholeheartedly approved But later she had to be restrained by force and cried out Let me go to Gregor he is my unfortunate boy don't you understand that I have to go to him Kaafka 29 But ultimately they turn their backs on him thus showing how you can give your all to people and still be spit on in return Gregor's sister is the only person who treated him with some dignity as though he mattered She paid attention to him and figured out his new personality his likes and dislikes which he greatly appreciated But the sister immediately and with surprise noticed the bowl still full except for a little milk that had spilled around it and promptly picked it up to find out his likes and dislikes she brought him back a wide selection spread out on a old newspaper Kaafka 23 This treatment doesn't last long though in the end her betrayal has the most detrimental effect on his mood and life because he trusted her the most He did not expect that his sister would be the one to remove him from the picture I won t pronounce the name of my brother in front of this monster and so all I say is we have to try to get rid of it

We've done everything humanly possible to take care of it and to put up with it Kaafka 46 Grete insisted that Gregor is not a part of the family because he s a monster According to Grete Gregor is the cause of their family s disintegration She even goes as far to suggest that he needs to be offed He must go cried Gregor's sister that's the only solution Father you must get rid of the idea that is Gregor Kaafka 45 This quote shows the ultimate betrayal of the only person who somewhat cared for Gregor She turned on him even after all Gregor said he would do for her After this Gregor feels no reason to live Gregor s family got into the habit of acting like he was just trash The family had gotten into the habit of putting into his room things that wouldn t fit anywhere else Kaafka 30 They have no need for him at this point so his room is filled with useless things including him His family that was once completely dependent on him constantly just locks his door and pretends as though he doesn't exist and never existed after he gave up his life to work and provide for the last couple of years Not only was Gregor mistreated emotionally but he was often physically abused by his father His reaction to Gregor's transformation is hostile and cruel when it should be empathetic No plea of Gregor s helped no plea was even understood however humbly he might turn his head his father merely stamped his feet more forcefully he drove Gregor on as if there were no obstacle his father gave him a hard shove which was truly his salvation and bleeding profusely he flew far into his room Kaafka 35 He had no support system to help him cope with his own mental disturbances from the change just abuse 

After the slandering ill treatment and shunning from the people he not only trusted but dedicated his life to Gregor was left feeling defeated with no one to save him He thought back on his family with deep emotion and love His conviction that he would have to disappear was if possible even firmer than his sister s Kaafka 46 Even after the fact Gregor still is able to love his family even though they are disgusted by him until the point where they want him gone The word disappear has a strong meaning behind it because it's even more absolute than just dying he just wants to be gone as though he never existed to free his family from their selfish burden

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