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Aspect of war There is no doubt that war is Evil

Aspect of war There is no doubt that war is evil It brings relentless bloodshed destruction and death amongst people and nations It is without a doubt one of the worst disasters to befall humans People on both sides dying for their country sometimes willingly and other times forced War can be heroic noble and even dignifying however people still come home internally scarred The memories of what they saw and did are often too difficult to endure Rupert Brooke the writer of The Soldier is considered a war poet he died early in the First World War and never got the chance to write about the reality of war The Soldier resides in an early phase of the war a time where people were much more optimistic and patriotic By that it reflects the honor and pride that shined over the English men who entered the war in the early stages of the conflict The poem takes the form of the typical English sonnet also used by William Shakespeare which is highly visible with the use of the ending rhyme ababcdcd in the first eight lines There is no denying the patriotic message within the poem noticeable in its repeated mention of England and English which is mentioned 6 times When we take a closer look at the poem we unfold subtle hints of its patriotism such as 

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