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Final Exam My perspective on the History of Feminist Movement

Final Exam My perspective on the History of Feminist Movement has broadened my perspectives on the history of the women who stood before me The History of the Feminist Movement is truly eventfully and to learn about the Enlightenment Liberal Feminism Cultural Feminism and The Suffrage Movement The History of Feminist Movement did not change my perspective on how I saw feminism but it has broadened my horizons because I did not realize how much dedication and compassion these women gave in order to change the outlook on women for women The Enlightenment Liberal Feminism was the first wave of the women s movement This began with the Natural Rights Theory which is a theory stating that some things are just God given and cannot be taken away from that person Liberal Feminism sparked the light in women s eyes and they wanted the same opportunities as the men The Natural Rights Theory helped me realize that men were protecting themselves for the longest and excluding women from this protection Cultural Feminism was the second wave of the women s movement This type of feminism was brought on by Charlotte Pekins Gilman Charlotte with her book called Herland challenged the culture aspect of society Herland challenged the structure of our society stating that something is wrong and the natural rights mothers have been special cultural abilities which make them better people Charlotte was not wrong something was and still is wrong with our society and the way how gender is socially constructed When we say men man manly manhood and all the other masculine derivatives we have in the background of our minds a huge vague crowded picture of the world and all its activities 

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