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Frozen is a perfect example of society and the influence it can have over an individual however with enough free will and psychological strength one can rise above these meaningless labels and discover their true potential and power In the beginning of the movie Elsa is branded a monster by her kingdom because she is unique and her differences are looked at with fear from the kingdom She suppresses her emotions and powers in order to rule a kingdom but also recently went through adolescence and puberty so her emotions are a swirling storm inside as she points out in her famous song Let it go Instead of embracing her powers the people of the kingdom ostracize her because they fear her inability to control her powers and potentially cause harm to them Elsa is embarrassed and ashamed of her powers and inability to control them as well as her emotions notably the anxiety she gets when receiving the crown for the throne and goes out into the wilderness She allows the people to characterize her instead of telling them who she really is Elsa eventually arrives to an empty area and while she was traveling she also caused an eternal winter resulting in the kingdom and surrounding area to be covered in snow and an unforgiving coldness washes over the kingdom ironically the same kind of cold that

Elsa felt when everyone in the kingdom stared at her and shouted at her like she was a monster instead of offering help they wanted her to leave and get away and so the people unknowingly pay the price by being trapped in this eternal frost She creates her own kingdom of isolation and uses it as another way to cope with the pressure of ruling a kingdom as an adolescent in addition to her repressing of her emotions and trying to simply be a good girl In her song she states that she should conceal dont feel dont let them know This is in regards to her emotional turmoil and going through responsibility changes even though she is 21 she still feels like a teenager she cannot control her powers and could be reliving the effects of puberty where she went through changes in her body she must now deal with having independence over her powers and be able to express herself while also having the leadership and state of mind necessary to rule a kingdom much like teenagers need to prepare to rule their own lives In her kingdom she is allowed to hide herself away from everyone and simply wallow in her own sadness she even makes her outfit very covering and restrictive and also creates an ice golem to scare away any potential visitors as she wants to express sadness but not let anyone else see or know Next after some time in her kingdom she begins to get lonely and creates a snowman named Olaf who symbolizes her positive traits the caring kind side she shows towards

Anna the reason she is trying so hard to suppress her powers due to the accident where Elsa zapped Anna with her powers Elsa does not how to deal with her feelings because she has suppressed her anxiety over that traumatic event for so long as when Anna was healed she lost memory of the event However her negative traits are reflected through the ice golem which is a mean unforgiving monster hell bent on keeping people away much like Elsa is for a portion of the movie This is yet another psychological method Elsa uses and yet another we can analyze along with repression and isolation Elsa uses splitting dividing her good qualities into one creature and her bad qualities into another She begins to realize that she should be herself especially when Olaf tells her that she seems lonely and asks where is everyone else leading to the culmination and turning point of the movie Soon after Elsa goes outside and begins singing thus releasing her true emotions and singing about them She says It s time to see what I can do to test the limits and break through No right no wrong no rules for me This can be related to modern society and teenagers testing the limits of their adolescence into adulthood whether it be staying out later driving being more independent etc Similarly

Elsa is saying that she will use her powers because she appreciates them and therefore that is all that matters She follows up with saying that she doesn't care what they're going to say referring to the kingdoms people This can be related back to society because while teenagers are very self conscious especially in high school and try to win over their friend approval with their actions once they reach college they realize that shouldn't care what others think of them only what they and those closest do as the people that do not appreciate you for who you are should not matter to you and Elsa realizes that as well THerefore she decides to Let it Go and be who she wants to substituting her cloak with a revealing dress embracing her beauty inside and out now that she appreciates her powers and internal beauty she can also appreciate her physical beauty She breaks free from the anxiety and the stress and lets all of her feelings go in the passionate but yet meaningful song and through the song matures into the queen she always wanted to be

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