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The story shows how was the life of women was in 1800's

The story shows how was the life of women was in 1800's and how women can get away The women name Mrs Mallard is the main character in this story and shows how she feels about her husband s death she is also suffering from heart disease Mrs Mallard heard the news of her husband s death by her sister and Richard And she feels sad and excuse herself and goes to her room but after going to the room she is the obviously sad but also feeling immense happiness She is happy for being free from her husband The story how women use to live their lives in 1800 s The women Mrs Mallard is a housewife who is not allowed to work or get the job or if any women are not happy in her marriage than also they are not allowed to divorce or run away Even if women decide to do so they cannot They do not have any money or any job where they will run So the story starts with the news of Mrs mallards husband death when she came to know about her husband s death she went to the room and tell her sister not to follow her She was sad but a feeling of happiness also went through her body She thinks now she is free

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