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The Bungalows A Brief History Introduction

America has been in a love affair with the Bungalow style houses for more than two torrid decades This exotic word Anglo has been derived from Indian language which came to be a new American house style The word bungalow has been around for more than hundreds of years but did not brought up anything sooner When the English travelled to India they described their homes built by the native labour as long low buildings with wide verandas and deep hanging eaves Wide roofs first made of thatch and then later made fireproof tile enclosed in an isolated air lock technology against tropical heat Later in the early 1870 s builders of the new fashionable English referenced as The Bungalows Giving them a rough exotic and ready made image The Bungalow Style showed up in America in the 1880s distributed here there especially in New England But it was when its development started in the South California that shaped its way as a new arrivals of the housing styles And which made the Bungalow Style one of the most popular housing styles ever known to America Soon after the World War 2 we all knew that a cheap house by the sea shore was one of the best ideas to revive the humane feel Not very far from its first use in the early 19th Century In North America and Britain that has a second story built into a sloppy shape on top with small windows The bungalow style houses are usually small and separated from other houses that's the reason it is so inexpensive to build 

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The film Slumdog Millionaire by Danny Boyle who is a British Director

The film Slumdog Millionaire was released in the year 2008 It was directed by Danny Boyle who is a British Director and achieved eight Oscar awards for quality of performance in the arenas like cinematography sound mixing direction film editing etc This movie is adopted from a novel Q A which is written by Indian author and diplomat Vikas Swarup The movie is picturized in slum part of Mumbai Indian background The movie is a package of motivation love tragedy action eagerness and hate The movie story turns around an uneducated eighteen years old Muslim orphan boy named Jamal Malik and his elder brother Salim Malik from the slums of Mumbai The movie shows the journey of Jamal from poor to get rich In this movie Jamal has no schooling no family and no any support to survive His entire lifetime he is considered as a Slumdog because of where he is grown up as a child approaching from the slum of Mumbai where other Indians considered him as no importance The film story starts with the main character Jamal and his brother Salim s life in slums and how they became orphan after Hindu Muslim riots took place in Mumbai which destroys their house and kills their mother Story shows their journey from Mumbai to other cities and how they survive during their childhood as well teenage and finally ends at Kaun Banega Crorepati The Indian version of Who wants to be Millionaire

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