Essay Example on General Motors had been around for about 101 years make cars









From what I know about General Motors is that had been around for about 101 years make cars In the 1970 and 1980 the company started having financial issues but not as bad as it was in 2007 General Motors was already billions in debt and when gases prices rise and the economy collapse kill the income When no bank would lend them they went to the government for a bailout rescue and at first they were denied because they had no business plan The second time General Motors can to the government again without a business plan this time they got billions in loan and 101 days to come up with a business plan When General Motors had a good enough plan for the government they got the bailout But with General Motors accepting the government bailout a lot of people lost their jobs dealerships and factory were shutdown If I were the CEO of General Motors I probably wouldn't have accepted the government bailout I don't have the heart to put hard working people out of work But by me doing this I would consider this a Personal Egoism decision because I’m only doing this so that I don't feel guilty about putting people out of work 

Using the ABCDs of Ethical Decision Making Guide will explain what would happen to General Motor if I did this A is for the word Awareness in the ABCDs of Ethical Decision Making Guide Am I aware of the problems that the company is having And do I have all the facts to solve the problem The answer being yes first I would have filed for bankruptcy Second I would have started by cutting all employees salary across the board even my own I would have gone to the union's leaders and been completely truthful about what is going on with the company and the pay and cost cuts that we are planning to make If the union's leaders are not will to accept the offer I would to go to the union employees and tell the what is going on I would ask them to talk to their union’s leaders before they be without a job Third I would have to cut the 30 and Out medical part plan retirees off but I would make should that the applied and are receiving Medicaid from the government Fourth I would have discontinued or temporary discontinue any cars trucks and excreta that are not sell Fifth I would have shut down any factories or dealerships that was not making profits But I would also help the laid off workers apply for Unemployment and Medicare

There would be not unnecessary spending of any money And if the employees don't accept the salary cut then I would have to fire them B is for the word Beliefs in the ABCDs of Ethical Decision Making Guide What are my moral beliefs Am I sitting aside my moral beliefs with the plan My belief is that if a company hires people and they have been loyal to the company then the company needs to be loyal back That is way I would try to I would be truthful with the employee about the problem and cut salary first before firing them And if I had to laid them off then I would give them the resources to that they can continue with their lives and not be so devastated after being laid off So the answer would be no I not sitting aside my beliefs with my plan C is for the Consequences in the ABCDs of the Ethical Decision Making Guide Have I given careful and imaginative thought to the consequences of my decision and or action Who may be affected by my decision and or actions 

The answer to both question is yes that is way in cutting salaries I would cut mine as well to show that I m just like everyone else I would not want my employees thinking that they are the only ones who have accept changes that will affect their daily life too D is for Decisions in the ABCDs of the Ethical Decision Making Guide Am I basing my decision on concern for the consequences it will have on others and myself Is this a decision in which I must question my own moral beliefs and follow others or should I remain true to my own moral beliefs principles and values Would I have no objections to my decision actions being aired on the Six O'clock News for all my loved ones friends and co workers to see To answer the first question it would be yes as I made my plans I was aware of the effects it would have on myself and others The second question is a no that is why if I had to fire some people I would make should they had something to fall back on As for the third question I would be glad to see this on the news and for other to know what I did

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