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Northern White Rhinos are the most endangered Species

Northern White Rhinos are the most endangered species of rhino in the world A total of only three are left worldwide and they are predicted to die off by the end of the next decade The main reasons this species is endangered is because of poaching and the civil wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC and also Sudan People poach rhinos because they believe that the rhino's horns can cure diseases The horn of the rhino is grounded into a power then dissolved in boiling water It is used in many traditional Chinese medicines and is believed to treat fever hangovers and maybe even cancer There is only three Northern White Rhinos alive as of today There is one Male named Sudan and he is 45 years old There are also two females Najin and Fatu Najin is 25 years old and Fatu is 15 The average age a white rhino will live is about 40 50 years Sudan is old and may not be able to naturally mate with a female so as a solution scientists will try to save this subspecies the modern way with in vitro fertilization The second to last male Angalifu died December 14 2014 at age 44 leaving five northern whites Next Nabire a female died in July 2015 at age 31 The fourth last Northern White is Nola she died at age 41 in 2015 at San Diego Zoo leaving the remaining three rhinos Sudan Najin and Fatu Our topic is about endangered animals

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