Essay Example on Give one reason why we should NOT protect the Environment








Give one reason why we should NOT protect the environment at ALL COSTS 300 words MAX We should not protect the environment at all cost because if we do people who are trying to protect it will try as hard as they can to destroy everything that is causing harm to the environment for example they would shut down all the factories and power plants to stop making pollution and also they would kill everybody who cuts down wood This is bad because if they shut down all the factories and power plants the owners and workers working in the factories and power plants will lose their jobs and wont make any money and have financial problems Also if the people who are trying to protect the environment kill people who cut trees that would be bad because they will go to jail and make the family of the people who they killed sad So basically if you protect the environment you are basically putting people into danger and destroying peoples lives so it's better to NOT protect the environment 2 Give one reason why we SHOULD protect the environment at ALL COSTS 300 words MAX We should protect the environment at all cost because it can help protect many different ecosystems since a lot of species around the world are in danger and getting extinct

The past few years humans have discovered a lot of new ecosystems and found out that they are connected to other ecosystems If we don't protect the environment one little harm can not only affect one ecosystem it can actually put a lot of species in danger so much danger it can cause extinction and if we don't want any species to be extinct we would have to protect the environment For example if someone polluted the water and killed all the living things in there for example vertebrates frogs won't have anything to eat and they will die and if the frog dies living predators such as snakes won't be able to survive because they eat frogs but all the frogs are dead so they will starve and die This means if the environment is destroyed the food chain will also be destroyed Another example is that if we destroy the environment they won't be food this is because the sun gives light to the plants which will make them grow and the plants after they grow will be food for other living animals which then will be consumed by other living animals and it keeps on going on and on

So basically destroying the environment can cause the food chain system to be destroyed which can kill a lot of different living things including humans 3 In your opinion should we protect the environment at all costs 600 words MAX In my opinion we should protect the environment at all costs because I think that the environment is the most important resource for for type of living thing 

We get a lot of things from the environment for example oxygen water power and etc The environment can help clear the pollution and lays a big role for animals because it is a large habitat for them A lot of our resources come from the environment and if we use too much it may run out and that isn't good Another good reason why I think we should protect the environment is to prevent air pollution A lot of many countries are suffering a lot from air pollution due to factories and population especially China where they have a lot of power plants which uses a lot of coal and also a lot of cars because cars cause a lot of pollution and the pollution can affect the food we eat and the water we drink and that's bad since humans are putting toxic substances into their body The environment is here to clean the air and if there is no trees the air won't be clean and if the air is not clean it can make people sick and humans can even die The forest and the environment contains a lot of different types of medicine to cure infections or to cure a huge amount health problems If the environment is destroyed there will be no medicine to help living things to survive so all living things can die Which is bad because some species of living things can get extinct The forest lays a huge roll in the environment and it can also provide humans with a lot of raw materials such as rubber essential oils and timber and all these products can be used for many things humans need and use So if we destroy the environment humans won t be happy if a lot of things in their life is missing

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