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Globalization refers to the fast integration of different countries which shapes all the world affairs on a global level It has affected the products that people consume the environment culture security and this acceleration in globalization can be attributed to an increase in free trade activities emerging technologies or the worldwide acceptance of markets This essay will describe some of the most visible and important advantages and disadvantages of globalization Globalization has affected cultures and economies on matters dealing with environmental destruction and availability of the already limited resources It has had diverse implications for environmental issues such as pollution deforestation water resources climate change and biodiversity loss The environmental problems have become the subject of international efforts because the effects are felt globally The negative impacts of globalization are mainly focus on the destruction of the environment but on the other hand there are positive impacts such as researches into technology that is eco friendly 

There is an improvement on the use of resources and a lot of research is being carried out on progressing greener technology which will replace current ones that harm the environment Globalization has also helped in the improvement of the resources in order to save the environment For example the World Bank aided Mexico in reducing unhealthy ozone days during the 1990s Moreover multinational companies are creating technologies that will reduce their effects on the environment For example hybrid cars are being developed and Apple is also aim at manufacturing products that are eco friendly Unfortunately the negative impacts of globalization have outweighed the positive effects On a global level natural resources are being overused This is because there has been a rise in demand caused by population growth Deforestation is increasing every year over fishing is also becoming a global problem A study by the United Nations reveals that commercial species of fish have been overexploited Global warming is another negative effect caused by globalization on the environment caused by greenhouse gas emissions of rapid industrialization in the developing world and by dependence on fossil fuels 

The average global temperatures have increased and the transport sector and gases from factories have contributed to global warming Globalization on the other hand affects education The idea that education is a public service has to be abandoned It has been replaced with the idea that education is at the service of economies is as a personal investment International organizations have become involved with the educational sector and the World Trade Organizations and the World Bank have proposed the privatization of this sector These policies aim at adapting the contents of education globally to the needs of employment They also aim at creating an education system that is efficient and profitable There has been a massive spread in education at all levels The consequences of schools that are widely available are as a result of the globalization process As part of globalization education has always been seen as a factor that contributes a lot to democracy on a global level Moreover it has affected the experience associated with formal and informal sector For example some institutions have become the targets for various corporate expansion as well as sites for branding Globalization has made education look like a private affair making it look no longer public With globalization on the rise many aspects have to change for the well being of the global village 

The forces that push globalization pose new challenges to education in lifelong training of students in schools and universities Many policymakers and governments should ask themselves To what extent is education affected by globalization How is it changing the conditions of the existing educational systems With all these in mind globalization seems to affect education by transforming the teaching and learning processes In order to meet the existing challenges presented by globalization individuals should be prepared to work in a changing environment with constant networking Globalization has affected human health and development in a number of ways positive and negative The liberalization of trade in agricultural products leads to economic benefits This will then improve the human health The impact of globalization on health is in various forms With globalization harmful products can bring disastrous implications worldwide There is an increase in the free trade of foods drugs medicine and other forms of substances that pose damages to health Globalization can also be used for advancements in health The increased cooperation between countries is very effective in the event of arresting the spread of diseases that are communicable in nature On the other hand by harmonizing food and drug standards and regulations developing nations end up benefiting in health issues In conclusion globalization is a serious issue that affects many nations Researchers should analyze these impacts in order to prevent the negative impacts It is important that all nations create forms of globalization that are environmentally and socially sustainable These forms should be more beneficial to all humanity and reduce costs

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