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Currently the use of good and right language has started to rarely find especially among young people Slang used has become a daily language Slang language is a language use as a substitute for meaning This language tends to be more rude and impolite Currently slang language has spread that used only used in the city now commonly used in rural areas It can be said that slang language is social and phenomenal language Because it is always evolving and changing from time to time for example Artworks such as dramas novels and poetry are now widely used in the language This is further supported by the trend of various countries that follow the development of the times and slang language has become a variation of language that has its own characteristics THEORETICAL BASIC Ramlan 1985 21 says morphology is part of the linguistic sciences that talks about or studies the ins and outs of word forms as well as the effect of changes in word form on class and meaning 

Based on that opinion it can be concluded that morphology learned the ins and outs of the word form as well as the function of the word form changes Sociolinguistics derives from the words socio and linguistic Sozio same with the word social that is related to society Linguistics is a scientist who studies and speaks the language especially the elements of language and between the elements So sociolinguistics is a study that made up theoretical about public relations with language Based on understanding previously sociolinguistics also studied and discussed aspects linguistic societies in particular the differences within language related to societal factors Nababan 1993 2 DISCUSSION The slang languages have been around since the 1970s Used only to conceal the content of the chat in certain communications Because it is often used outside the community too long it becomes a colloquial term Examples of slang languages are simp meaning stupid veep meaning president and modest which means fashionable Slang language serves as an expression of a sense of togetherness of the wearer In addition by using slang they want to declare themselves as members of different community groups from other community groups 

The presence of slang language can be considered reasonable because it suits the demands the development of the conscience of teenagers His lifetime was limited accordingly development of adolescent age In addition its usage also limited in circles teenagers of a certain age group and are unofficial If it is outside the environment his group the language he uses to switch to other languages that applied on a regular basis common in the community in which they live Currently the slang language develops without having a specific formula very different from the slang language of antiquity that has a certain formula in shaping each word Foreign languages are now used more often than using their own regional or country language as they assume that foreign languages sounded more prestigious Another phenomenon is the slang language that is often used in social media as well as daily conversations The shifting of word structures that took place in time now and done by many circles to form the emergence of new vocabulary which marginalizes in language An example is a seriously changed word into circus and other words that actually mimics the execution of a toddler who is not fluent in doing a speech Slang languages that may be taken by types of teens as a type to make parents complain because the language they use very not understood by the parents these makes the parents confused to let the way of any word which is known by the young people Young people will be said to be slang and modern if they are able to adjust to the current situation That is able to adjust to the information and technology that developed at this time 

And can use in everyday life of course it does not escape also related to the slang language they will meet later that is when they use sophisticated technology at now In this area globalization where all technological tools are sophisticated surely all young people are not left behind For example handphone among young people in Indonesia already has a handphone from the exorbitant price to the lowest with a variable function Through handphone young people can communicate and exchange information with friends One of them through the short message they can communicate in writing The language they use in short message is diverse which is definitely short and easy to understand CONCLUSION Based on the above description it can be concluded that the slang language is an actual language nothing and only made by a certain people But while against culture now slang language had been one of the languages of long days in most people Good languages and true already left Especially by the adolescent types always follow the age development As a phenomenon we do have responded well because this is not preventable However we as adults can reduce the negative impact on the generation of the nation and choose a good and right language That is by not using it especially in front of children So that children do not imitate slang language that sometimes sounds rough and poorly used

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