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Good Internet connection and WiFi has helped businesses have improved skills time management and supply management Computers in today s business are now not just normally known for interpreting and keeping memory of registers books records spread sheets and printed statements Businesses can create documents fast and effortlessly for their company to the review results during important meetings of decision making for the company Our advanced computers have allowed businesses to increase their work flow immensely Small businesses can now market online Small businesses have now become global with customers buying from all over the world Computers now have made the hiring process easier for businesses The internet on computers has made it easily accessible for companies to make their own websites Now potential employees can fill out applications or submit their resume s all within the touch of a keyboard and a click of a mouse Human resources can allow new employees to sign important new hire documents electronically right online Computers now allow companies to be able to use advanced machines now to enhance there over all production There are now computers on forklifts that tell employees what location to pick from next There are machines that wrap pallets up on their own 

There are automated guided vehicles which require no driver There are robots that can manufacture and produce product at a fast rate Computers today can now give businesses accurate numbers of product being produced and sold In the past years what was known as a cellular phone is now known as a multi media tool Today we call it a mobile phone and can surf the web check email take pictures and update our social media statuses Mobile phones in business have changed the way businesses today communicate operate and interact with customers It also has made it easier and safer for employees to carry out their job duties Such as using a kindle to TDR Trailer Dock Release a tractor trailer Or a machine shutting down not letting an employee touch it because the computer senses there is a problem Today computers allow businesses to save more time and money Spending less time on collecting customer data and billing allows business to have more time to complete other job duties Essentially things that were once slowly the company down are now allowing the company to produce more at a faster rate This helps increase customer satisfaction by meeting their needs in a timely manner Hense means more profit for the business

A lot of employees today can work right from home thanks to computers and information technology and all the software programs that are available This has helped many disabled and single parents to have jobs Computers have also allowed busy college students to take classes right online So now they can go to work and school at the same time Which means employees have more of an advantage of getting their education to become more of an asset to the company they currently work for Computer programs in the workplace have also made it easier for companies to train current employees in different job functions Companies are no longer rewinding old VCR tapes or using DVD s that maybe scratched or worn They now can have employees watch a lock out tag out or O S H A video right from a website Businesses today are all about keeping their information secure and keeping confidentiality in their companies Most businesses do not want to have to deal with legal issues when it comes to keeping employee s files taxes and transactions private By businesses keeping this information stored on their computers it can be protected by passwords and security programs such as Norton or MacAfee It gives companies a sense of financial security when it comes to keeping their accounts profits confidential and secure

Where no one else can gain access to them Keeping company s data bases on computers saves companies tons of time to not have to shuffle through a thousand different documents and files to find what they are looking for All their information can be stored right on the computer in organized folders for easy access Information technology has become more evolved now today to where customers and employees can now use email social media texting and photos in large busy companies whom may not always have time to answer a call or fax a document in when in a meeting Information technology has allowed businesses to traffic at a fast rate allowing their business methods to be less of a headache In information technology software programs have become more advanced Such as using Microsoft Excel now allows companies to utilizing their expenses This software program has helped many companies to increase their profits to safeguard the growth of their company Business are using information technology more and more everyday to expand their ideas and meet the needs of customers Payments and credit cards

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