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Steven Allan Spielberg Biography, Career

Steven Allan Spielberg Steven Allan Spielberg was born on December 18 1946 in Cincinnati Ohio He was born to Leah Adler and Arnold Spielberg Leah Steven's mother was a concert pianist and restaurateur Arnold Steven s father was an electrical engineer His parents practiced Orthodox Judaism Steven was the first child in his family but not for long In 1949 Steven became an older brother to Anne Spielberg When Steven was about five years old he and his family moved to Haddon Township New Jersey In 1953 Steven and his family moved again this time to Phoenix Arizona Also in 1953 Steven was introduced to his newest little sister Sue Spielberg Adding to the excitement Steven started Hebrew school Because of his family s religious practices Steven often faced bullying and discrimination Nancy Spielberg was the last addition to the Spielberg family born in 1956 Steven attended Hebrew school until 1957 In 1958 Steven joined the Boy Scouts and received a photography merit badge from making a nine minute film with his father s movie camera titled The Last Gunfight One year later at age 13 Steven won a prize for a war film he directed called Escape to Nowhere Steven wrote and directed Firelight his first feature length film in 1964 Steven went to Arcadia High School in Phoenix until he and his family moved again this time to Saratoga California He then attended Saratoga High School During high school Steven s parents divorced After Steven graduated in 1965 he stayed with his father and they moved to Los Angeles Steven applied to the University of Southern California School of Cinema Arts but was rejected Steven then applied to California State University Long Beach and was accepted

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