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Many companies want to improve their productivity due to dynamic Market

Completion of Reading This article contained 19 pages on Why is Strategy All the pages were read the article Introduction According to the author many companies want to improve their productivity due to dynamic markets and the advancement of technologies Managers must use tools to improve their productivity to compete Companies need to be flexible to respond speedily to the constant changes that occur in the market Synopsis and Evaluation Operational effectiveness is not strategy There are two concepts that the author wants to clarify in his paper First he defines operational effectiveness as the ability to perform similar activities better than the competence In addition to this he argues that efficiency belongs to this field and this efficiency develops better products faster On the other hand he ventures in explaining strategy positioning as the art to perform different activities in different ways Both are necessary for the superior performance of an organization It is worth of nothing that a company improves its operational effectiveness can change the frontier in an organization One of this trend is exemplified in the Japanese companies 

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Occupational Health's Main focus is on the Development of work Organizations

INTRODUCTION Occupational healths main focus is on the development of work organizations and working cultures in a way which endorses safety and health at job and also promotes smooth operations and a positive social climate and may increase productivity of the undertakings Joint ILO WHO committee on occupational health 1950 Employers should promote such working environments which reduced medical cost and motivate employees by providing healthy and safe work environment because increased job performance of workers associated with healthy and safe work environment Psychosocial work environment is one of the most critical predictors of job performance which is showed by two famous psychosocial job stress models for example Job demand Control and effort reward imbalance In recent times these two stress models were integrated and developed into the Job demand and resource model Bakker Demerouti 2007 The job demand and resource model emphasis organizational outcomes including job performance through two different processes One process states that high job demands reduce job performance through reduced energy and health Second process states that high job resources increases job performance through increased work motivation Psychological contract breach also affects both the mental and physical health of employees When the important obligations are not met by the employers then PCB works as a psychosocial stressor at work that shows crucial risks to employees health Mareike Reimann Guzy 2016 Psychological contracts are considered to be an important term for understanding modern employment relationships as well as employment behavior in general Conway Briner 2005 Guest 2004 Zhao Bravo Glibkowski 2007 Empirical studies have represents that psychological contract breach enhances employees burnout Chambel Olivrira Cruz 2010 and is negatively associated with psychological well being Conway Briner 2002

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