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The application layer and how it links with the application layer protocols

In this report I am going to explain about the application layer and how it links with the application layer protocols Therefore I am going to explain how all protocols such as SMTP HTTPS HTTP and FTP how they all link with each other I will also try to describe each protocol and what s their purpose or why they are used for as TCP IP will be the main to look after in this report 2 TCP IP TCP IP is also known as Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol TCP IP or Internet protocol suit helps to perform end to end connectivity specifying as how data should be well routed addressed packetized and received at the right destination It specifies how the data is being exchanged over the internet It is meant to make networks reliable with the ability of recovering automatically if it fails to succeed from any device on the network it requires little central management which is a plus point It makes sure that every single packet is created sent and well retrieved and the internet follow the protocol to make it is sent safely It consists of four layers the transport layer represents Data link layer and TCP the application layer is represented by HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol 

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