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Protection of journalistic Sources

Protection of journalistic sources as stated by Ingham 2008 is one of the golden rules of journalism Its importance to journalists cannot be understated One vital element of press freedom is that journalists can promise and maintain the confidentiality of their sources As stated in the NUJ National Union of Journalists 2017 protection of sources is a sacred tenant of journalistic ethics that reporters recognize the need to protect confidential sources and promise confidentiality only with the intention of keeping that promise Journalists would find it strenuous to gain access to places and situations where they can report on matters of public interest if they cannot when necessary give a strong genuine promise of confidentiality to their sources This essay will seek to argue that in the scenario presented that it is necessary for the journalist to protect their sources identity It will be argued that it is a reporter s core obligation in any given circumstance to protect their source in order to protect press freedom It will also be argued that it is integral to protect the sources identify for them and their sources safety 

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Executive Powers During the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia

Executive Powers During the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 delegates discussed a number of possible methods for selecting the heads of the executive branch of the new nation's government Election by Congress election by the governors of the states or direct election by the people Delegates could not agree on the best most democratic but still effective system George Mason had very strong opinions on the Executive power of the new National government Mason argued strongly for an election of the larger branch by the people He felt that they ought to know sympathise with every part of the community 10 May 31 1787 Mr Mason was of the thought that the appointment of the Legislature would make the people feel full representation and not just a vote This however was not his thoughts on how the Executive power should be elected The proposal for a popular vote by the people works for electing the Legislature but not the Executive As for the people's ability to know about and give preference to candidates of distinguished character One might as well have a color competition judged by a panel of blind men See July 17 pp 308 09 America's vast landscape the poor state of its communications and the diversity of its cultural character and economic interests would make it extremely difficult for any single candidate for chief executive to gain a majority of the popular vote Beeman

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