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Gravity plays the same role on earth whether you are walking or if you are snowboarding When riding there is a constant physics concept of 9 8 Newtons N is pushing down on every possible surface of your body Even though this concept is pulling you down the mountain but it keeps your board on the trail simultaneously For example if you were to try a jump while snowboarding and there was no gravity present You would have no capability of descent to get back on the ground or to continue down the mountain Another concept in physics that is involved in snowboarding is acceleration Acceleration is the factor that speeds you down the mountain on the trail If you wanted to calculate your change in speed over a given amount of time To do so you would use the equation Velocity Final minus Velocity Initial over Time Final minus Time Initial If you were to read this on paper it would look like this A Vf Vi Tf Ti Acceleration can and will vary with the steepness of the trail or the slope Acceleration also occurs when you are slowing down to a stop

This form of acceleration is also known as negative acceleration In science there are three parts to Newton's Laws of motion For starters in Newton's First Law of Motion a body continues in its state of constant velocity which could be zero unless acted upon by an external force In Newton's Second Law of Motion for an unbalanced force that is acting on a body the acceleration produced is proportional to the force impressed the constant of proportionality is the internal mass of the body Finally in Newton's Third Law of Motion acts in a system where no external forces are present every action force is always opposed by that of an equal and opposite reaction force When you are standing at the top of a mountain all the energy is in the form of potential energy

To calculate the amount of energy the equation PE mgh may be used where PE potential energy m mass g acceleration of gravity and h the height from the base of the mountain to the top When the snowboarder is standing at the base of the mountain the border s energy is all kinetic which is represented in an equation like this KE ½ mv 2 Although the potential energy that is gained by climbing the mountain is not able to entirely convert into kinetic energy Some of the energy from the snowboarder is converted into heat as the board creates friction by cutting through the snow Some of the energy is also lost due to the drag of the snowboarder cutting through the snow In momentum there are two types that are related to snowboarding these two are Linear and Angular Linear momentum is when objects move in one particular motion instead of multiple directions A frequent mistake that is made when dealing with linear momentum is saying that a heavier rider will have an increased velocity or speed versus a lighter rider Although the riders are going at a similar speed if going on the same slope with each other however a larger rider will be carrying a lot more momentum than that of a smaller rider Momentum does not affect velocity it is actually determined by velocity

Whereas in angular momentum the momentum is related to rotation such as a 360 540 etc Angular momentum is a vector quantity The direction in which the angular momentum depends on the direction of rotation whereas in other words angular velocity and angular momentum share the same direction There are a multitude of forces that play roles in snowboarding One type of friction that is acting on the rider is kinetic friction which occurs between the board and the snow The force of friction acts in opposite directions of motion which results in a lower velocity and hence then has less kinetic energy than before The kinetic friction that is occuring between the board and the snow can be reduced by the application of wax on the base of the board in which minimizes the coefficient of friction There are two types of coefficient friction on a snowboard a waxed snowboard and an unwaxed snowboard With a waxed snowboard the rider will catch more speed and glide much smoother than you would glide if you were to be riding on an unwaxed snowboard Lastly another type of friction is static friction Static friction is overridden when the rider is to apply a greater force than that of the force in static friction In physics there is also types of change in motion which are 4 different types of snow The first one is powder which is a medium density snow which makes you slow down because you begin to sink The second one is ice which has little friction which cause your speed to increase and takes away almost all of your control while riding The third type of change is slush which has an extreme amount of friction and barely allows you to move Finally the last type of change in motion is crust which causes you to slide at a medium sped and gives you somewhat control due to the amount of friction that type of snow contains

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