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Iron Deficiency research paper

Iron Deficiency page 1 My research paper is about iron deficiency I am going to disgust the meaning and definition of an iron deficiency Also talk about treatments and causes of iron deficiency I m going to talk about some of the symptoms of iron deficiency What happens if you let the iron deficiency go untreated If there are any home treatments for iron deficiency Iron deficiency a condition in which blood lacks adequate healthy red blood cells Iron deficiency anemia is due to insufficient iron in the bloodstream without the required amount of iron your body can t produce enough of a substance in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen hemoglobin According to staff n d If you don t consume enough iron from foods can cause iron deficiency Causes of iron deficiency are blood loss lack of iron in your diet inability to absorb iron pregnancy Some risk factors are women infants and children vegetarians frequent blood donors These groups are more at risk of getting an iron deficiency Next I am going to talk about treatments and effect it has on our bodies Some effects it can have on us are heart problems problems during pregnancy and growth problems Mild iron deficiency doesn t cause complication but left untreated it can become serve and lead to health problems In healthwise n d states focuses on increasing your iron stores condition that caused the anemia Some treatments will require taking iron supplement pills and having enough iron in your food Iron Deficiency page 2 If you let iron deficiency go untreated it will lead to serious health problems Iron deficiency can occur when losing more blood cells like from a hemorrhage quality n d states that body needs more iron than normal such as if you are pregnant or breastfeeding 

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