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In this class I came to greater understanding of group dynamics and what role it can play with regards to a team s level of success within an organization Inside a business it is important to not only have a good group dynamic but it is also critical to have educated management When a team is able to work cohesively it will create good dynamic relations between its members While these groups are working toward a common goal each individual member will do their part inorder for the project to come together However if there is poor group dynamics it can have adverse effect on the overall performance of the team and lead to a negative outcome affecting the overall project or common goal This is not to say that there are not outside variables don t also impact and contribute to a positive or negative work dynamic Strong leadership is essential to a group being successful 

A good leader should have the ability to help guide and motivate the group towards the correct path to reach their goal When a leader designates specific roles and responsibilities for each members of the group in addition to a realistic timeline for whatever milestone they are to reach its helps the team understand their role and how it will affect the timeline of the group This class made me recognize how much individual's personality can affect the team's dynamics Every person working within a team brings an individual skill set and their own personality A good leader has the ability recognize each members of the teams style of work and how to motivate them to reach their full potential This allows their leader the ability to place that individual in a place that best suits them within the group This process lets a good leader understand their team and make adjustments to the team so they can build off of each other's strengths and weaknesses It also made me realize that certain members will contribute positively to the group while those who demonstrate negative behavior or lack of work ethic can dramatically affect the teams dynamics Some of these negative characteristics may be more obvious than others a person with aggressive personality can dominate the team in ways that are not always seen at first glance 

When someone is being bullied it may not be in the traditional sense but could be things like being disclosed which can affect the overall dynamics of a team it can cause other group members to become distracted and can cause them to become constantly off task It is important to Understand the life cycle of a group The way a group comes together as one can be broken down into the following Each are important in their own way Forming is usually in the beginning stages when the group starts to come together This is important because this is the beginning of them creating their foundation Storming is when the Members of the group are able to seek out like minded members During this stage conflicts between other sub teams can happen Norming stage is when members begin to be personally invested in the overall success of the team and the start to see the common goal of the group Performing is when the members of the team are now able to fully function as a whole they do this by doing their part to finish assignments Adjourning is when the group has come together to meet their specific goal and when the group is finished they will disburse after the completion of the task Understanding of where the group is within these steps can provide insight into all members of the group as they move through it How a team Communicates will greatly affect how efficient a team is and the overall team dynamic 

The different methods of communication teams have changed over the years the core of what keeps a team on tract and moving toward their common goal has not due to the advancement of technology the traditional face to face group meeting is becoming less prevalent and things like emails video telephone conferencing are becoming some of the many new ways that teams are using to communicate It is a necessity in my opinion that all the team members are fully aware of how to take advantage of their methods of communication they have available to them Clear and concise communication is key these methods of communication helps build and maintain a sense of trust within the group and keeps the group working together toward their common goal I plan on continuing applying what I have learned in this class toward both my personal and professional life it has made me realize the importance of understanding not only my strength and weaknesses but those of my teammates to maintain healthy group dynamics

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