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The decisions we make early in life have a great effect on our Future

The decisions we make early in life have a great effect on our Future Ever since my childhood I have always wanted to become a successful businessman and make something great and valuable for my future life something that would make my parents proud of what I am as a person and what I have accomplished So choosing the Bachelor Degree of International business as my major would open me too many doors on becoming an effective and efficient entrepreneur and I believe following this major would lead me towards my path to success Whereas this field of study consists of the main majors of business such as marketing finance human resources and Management all taken together to deliver the perfect program The First time I realized that I wanted to be in business was during my 7th grade of middle school while taking business class I was working on a project that our teacher has assigned us where we were needed to be part of a Bake sale The Bake sale was about bringing cooked food either from home or outside and sell it to students while they were on a break then afterwards our teacher would ask us the things we gained from this experience

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