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When someone feels it I feel it Discrimination Hurts

When someone feels it I feel it Discrimination hurts like someone stabbing you in the heart If you have ever felt it it makes you sad and angry at the world for oppressing you for being who you are In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck two migrant workers travel to work on a ranch Their names are George and Lennie and when they get to the ranch they meet Crooks Curley s wife and other workers Crooks Lennie and Curley s wife are faced with forceful discrimination just for being different from the other workers In the novel Crooks is discriminated against when Curley s wife starts to yell at him because he told her to get out of his room but she yells at him Before Crooks instructs her to leave Candy tells her to leave and she does not act as if she possesses more power than him and Curley s wife acts as if she can have a conversation with Lennie and Candy But as soon as Crooks says it is time for her to leave his room she acts as if he is less worthy than her She says You know what I can do to you if you open your trap 80 This quote explains how Curley s wife uses her husbands status at the ranch and privilege to show that she has power against a black man because he has more melanin in his skin She believes that she is worth more and is higher than him so she uses that to advantage to make him scared and it works 

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